Thursday, April 21, 2016

Strolling the Swarthmore Campus in Spring

My stroll was inspired by a lecture I attended at the Helen Kate Furness Library sponsored by the Nether Providence Historical Society. Mike Rolli of the Crum Woods Restoration Project of Swarthmore College was the speaker and he pointed out many special aspects of the property. Saturday was a beautiful day for exploration and here is what I found. Mike talked about the rock and the wall.

Every one knows the Amphitheater correct? I have attended the wedding of Barb and Tuck here and also the informal night before, SHHS graduation farewell celebration the high school where both my children, now adults graduated from. Swarthmore has  many connections to the community. Do you know the official origin of the Amphitheater?

The Scott Outdoor Amphitheater was given by Thomas McCabe Class of 1915 and constructed in 1941 in tribute to Arthur Hoyt Scott, Class of 1895 and his lifelong interest in nature. It is probably one of the most popular spots on campus for students and visitor's.

Alligator Rock

What can we learn from nature?

The Peace Wall

Honor of Edith Wilder Scott 1896
Nature Never Did Betray The Heart That Loved Her

Translation: May Peace Prevail on Earth

Fountain Affectionately Dedicated: The Chinese Naval Officers Whose Presence and Spirit as Students at Swarthmore College Have Symbolized the Bonus of Friendship and Democracy That Unite Our Two Countries.                                                     November 1 1943..........June 25 1944.

At first glance, I say it is a whale or a fish of some kind. What do you see? Take a second look from the other side. A monk, a scholar or perhaps someone like you and I,  just out to relax and enjoy a day in the sun. There is probably an exact explanation of what this sculpture is but today I prefer to offer my own interpretation for I feel that is what art is. I make you think and feel.

I did go in search of spring and Scott Arboretum and the Crum Woods did not disappoint.

Spring has arrived, so says Swarthmore.  Take the stroll and see what you find.

It is always a good thing to explore the world around you.  You may see or learn something new any day of the week.  It is the nature of things.

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