Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Highlights of the Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival at Franklin Square

Last week I presented a teaser, this week I present the WOW on Wednesday factor. 
I came, I saw, I loved it. You will too.

The difference between Night and Day is striking but both views offer their own beauty.  You really have to go and experience both. I found the exhibit very peaceful.

1. The Welcome Gate creates an inviting entrance as you begin your journey through
 the Chinese culture.

2. The Dream Corridor is beautiful in the daytime and radiant in the evening. The grass vines and flowers represent a nature inspired tunnel of time.

3. Traditional Chinese Palace Lanterns with a lotus on top that represents a happy life.

4. I know better than to judge a dragon but I can't help but admire him when he is on fire.

5. I do not know which entertainment will be provided nightly but I saw the Face Changing Dance.
  It was spectacular. 
 I have never seen anything like it nor do I know how he changed faces so quickly.

6. You can never go wrong if you witness a Lucky Lion Dance either.  
I think I may have gotten a personalized Lion Dance. 
These cats were not shy in chasing away 
the evil spirits.
The Lions were loving the audience and the audience was loving them back.

7. Many artists and craft people are also found throughout Franklin Square.  Here are two I found doing fascinating things with paper.


8. How do you pick the prettiest? Was it the peach tree? These lanterns represent the gardens of the Queen of Heaven. They were heavenly looking in nature.

9. For historical reasons, I found this one very interesting.  If I ever take a trip to China I would like to see the Terracotta Warriors, the Eighth Wander of the World. It is a UNESCO World heritage Site.

10. For pure beauty, I would probably choose, Wealth and Glory.  The peacock represents
grace and talent and the peony graceful, generous and forgiving.

 Yes that is former Mayor of Philadelphia and former Governor of Pennsylvania walking with Amy Needle, President of Historic Philadelphia enjoying the lights.

The Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival
in Franklin Square is located at 6th and Race Streets.

April 22 - June 12, 2016
 6 - 10 p.m. daily
until 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays

Franklin Square will be open during regular daytime hours.

The Franklin Playground will continue to be open and free during evening hours
 accessible from 7th Street.

After 6 p.m., the Festival requires tickets for entry $17 adults, $12 children 17 and under, $15 senior and active military (taxes and fees included),
Group prices are available.

Tickets are general admission Sunday - Thursday.
Timed Tickets issued Friday and Saturday.
Advanced Tickets strongly recommended. 

Bring your camera, it is beautiful.
There is so much more to see.
All Photographs by Mary Ann Fiebert
It is a photographers paradise.
I may share more photos at a later date.

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