Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Top Ten Oscar Opinion

Let me just state as I begin, opinions are like ** well..........everyone has one.

This year and its Oscar controversy left me unqualified to judge.  I only saw two movies that were nominated but I hope to see more that were in the running.  For the previous 5 years I have always seen the shorts, I also missed them.

I watched the opening to see how Chris Rock would handle "the controversy" and I also like Chris Rock for his humor and his ability to state the truth and work a crowd.  It is funny how we chuckle at things we recognize in ourselves and others that we know are just not right. I thought he did a great job as he always does and I admired him for his choice of attending and hosting. Bert that cuts my hair, once said something to me that made so much sense and it applies to many things in life, "If you are not part of the solution, don't be part of the problem".

I thought the scenes with Whoopi Goldberg as the mop lady were funny. I specifically remember two. Chris Rock as the abandoned astronaut was also very clever. Tracy Morgan's, Danish Girl and the Revenant, you should have called me back  were funny.

I have not seen the Danish Girl but I am now interested in seeing it and I thought the woman, Alicia Vikander that won Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film was best dressed.  I thought her yellow gown was classic and elegant and she wore it well.

I think Hedi Klum is one of the most attractive woman in the world's spotlight and she can model almost anything and pull it off, the purple curtain like dress she wore was unusual and I felt unflattering to her.

I was happy for Leonardo DiCaprio and was surprised that this was his first Academy Award, he is so talented and I have enjoyed so many films he was in, that is a long overdue acknowledgement. I am sure to watch that film when it comes on cable. It won't be free for a while. If I can talk Ebenezer to rent it I will.

As I mentioned, I had only seen two of the films nominated and one was the documentary about Amy Winehouse.  I am glad it won for I felt it was extraordinary for many reasons.  The music of course was great and prior to her death I only had one of her songs on my ITunes, You Know I'm No Good. I have become a very big fan of her music and recognize the loss of yet another great talent to the world of alcohol and drug abuse. She was so talented and never could really appreciate and see that talent herself. The footage available throughout her life is pretty amazing.  This is one to see, whether you are a fan or not. Spoiler alert:  It is heartbreaking.

I also saw Brooklyn.  I did not think the film to be so stellar.  I must admit however, I had no idea the actress that portrayed the leading role was so young. She pulled off a very mature role and she looked stunning in green, representing Ireland on the red carpet.  I think, what I did not like so much about the film was the story.  My paternal grandmother immigrated to the United States and I know her story, perhaps I was looking for that in this story. I might have to watch it again.  We all have expectations and every story is not a fairy tale, very few are.

New director of minority outreach program Stacy Dash, Happy Black History Month, I did not get it?? I had to look it up the next day.  I don't think it belonged.

I did dozed off in the middle.  I always wonder why they put the majority of the awards shows and Superbowl on Sunday night when most of us need our beauty sleep.

Of course just my humble opinion and I recognize what it is worth. I don't expect an Academy Award.

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