Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show Highlights

The 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show would not be complete without the Liberty Bell to welcome visitors. The thing that really drew me on this year was the National Park theme. Since this is a big anniversary year for the National Parks it was fabulous choice. This event has a two fold glorious scent to it.  It promotes the beauty of our natural habitat and the splendor of our National Parks, Naturally what could be better. Bring you National Park passports, you can get it stamped there and also stop by the Find Your Park Pavilion to pick up the Junior Ranger Activity Guide for Children.

The Delaware County Times has a listing of awards at the link provided, let me share some of the displays that caught my eye on Monday. Many had a trophy, cup and or medal located at the site. Some had all three. I am sure I missed a few there are so many things to see.

Everyone is going to have their favorite park and there is the coolest map provided and you can take a pin and stick it on the map when you Find the Park that you like the best. Wouldn't it be cool to have your very own map like this? All you have to do is Ask the Ranger, she pulled one out of her back pocket and she said she believed they were also available online, so check it out. I can't wait to start pinning mine. It was a tough decision to pick a favorite spot, there are so many great ones but I chose Devil's Tower is our country's first National Monument and it has deep spiritual meaning to Native Americans. Okay, so maybe you are not attending the flower show for a map but you will need one if you want to see it all. Flower show maps are available as you walk in to the Main Hall.

The Postcards from the Arches
Arches National Park in Utah
illustrated in flower formation by
Robertson's of Wyndmoor, PA

Who knew bamboo could be so blooming beautiful?
The Breeze of Spring by
Japan Flowers and Plants Export Association
Osaka, Japan

Stoney Banks of Glenn Mills, PA
presented Yellowstone National Park.
I can't think of one major detail they left out from the
Grand Prismatic Spring to Old Faithful.

The Emily White Sculptures
Bear and Bison
stood out in dominance.

Made of red wood, cast iron and raw wool.

Flowers by David brings
a whole new level of romance to camping 
outside in a room with a view of splendor.
The weather is getting warmer. 
Maybe you would like to sleep outside too
in elegance.

Colonial Gardens always catch my eye
from Mount Vernon to Monticello and even Pennsbury Manor.
I like to sniff out what those colonials have growing. I am an herb grower myself. 
 I wish I had the discipline and design they have.

Then there is the creative side
check out these displays
most were for sale.

These fresh flowers are wooden.

Betsy Ross has herself some competition here.

Somebody out there knows how I can drill holes into the cap of baby food jars, 
just enough to stick one of those white bulb Christmas lights into it 
and string them trough the trees in the backyard. 
Maybe there is much more to it but I love the look.

I would most certainly have to buy these beautifully designed glass sculptures. 
I could not DIY these.

The same goes for these classic whimsical designs. Some people just have natural born talent.
Thank the world of artists that make us just Awe - some.

Pay the extra fare and go and see the train displays.
They are great!

Saving the best for last

Did you ever dream you could catch a butterfly without a net
and hold him or her on the tip of your finger?
There is a catch
and a debate of who the real pest is.

Feeding tool

Once you get the knack

Meet Milbert's Tortoiseshell my new BBF 
(Best Butterfly Friend) 
once we connected she stuck with me throughout the tour.

It was a pretty cool thing to do. 
 I know this inner child loved it and 
I only saw faces of joy around me
loving it too.

Go to the 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show
There is so much to see and do.
Leave your mark

at the Pennsylvania Convention Center
now through March 13.

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