Thursday, March 17, 2016

Irish Superstitions and Irish Bling

1. It is bad luck not to leave through the same door you entered through.

Bling:Cruets for vinegar on the corn beef and cabbage

2. Never kill a robin red breast or you will have bad luck the rest of the year. I am not sure how that works if they fly into your car or window for that matter and it is really not your fault.

Bling: Authentic Irish Thatched Roof Housing Painting

and music boxes playing Danny Boy

 and Wild Irish Rose

3. Never hand anyone a knife, put it on the table and let them pick it up.

Bling:You can buy 'em but you can't burn 'em, decorative candles are for show.

My favorite Irish bling: One of my best bottles from Irvinestown Milk Creamy

County Fermanagh home
 of my Irish roots.

4. Finding a four leafed clover is lucky and almost impossible, I might add. 

Pray it may happen someday.
5. If you find a horseshoe nail it to your door for good luck. Must be facing upward.

6. If the palm of your hand itches, you are coming into money. How many Irishmen have thought to buy a lottery ticket then?  This one has.

You can never have too many clovers.

7. If your nose itches you are going to have a fight.

8. Throw spilled salt over your right shoulder 

Carry around the lucky clover

9. Seven years bad luck if you break a mirror.

10. Never place shoes on a table.

Get Your Guinness On

11. Never have a bed facing the door.  It is also bad Feng shui

Irish Rag Dolls

12. How about that lucky penny, heads up! Have you ever flipped it over with your foot for the next guy? You are not suppose to touch it if it is heads down, bad luck.
That might be an Irish thing.

The Claddagh ring is the ultimate Irish bling.

The hands represent friendship
The heart love
and the crown loyalty

May the road
Rise to meet you.
May the wind be
At your back

Happy St. Patrick's Day

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