Wednesday, March 30, 2016

10 Great Reasons to Attend the 9th Annual Media Film Festival

  1. You can watch 42 amazing, short films from across our region and around the world on April 1st and 2nd. It’s a Delco arts happening.

  1. You’ll get to experience the new, even bigger screen, with HD projection and sound.

  1. Where else do you get invited to have your picture taken on the red carpet?

  1. Meet the Media girl who went Hollywood, Jessica Graham, star and co-producer of the award-winning Monkeys, having its East Coast premier Saturday night.

  1. Sit back and take in the ambiance of the historic Media Music Theatre. With carved wood, chandeliers and a gilt ceiling, it’s the jewel of downtown Media. And if architecture doesn’t do it for you, enjoy an adult beverage in the lobby.

  1. Be present for the world premieres of four polished films written and directed by local high school film students, part of the Media Youth Film Initiative.

  1. Chat with French filmmaker Pierre Gaffié who has flown here from Paris to attend the Fest. His film 20 Meters of Love in Montmartre will screen during the 3 p.m. Saturday Matinee and his film The Dolphin Skin City is part of the 7 p.m. Saturday evening program.

  1. Sample a program of unique, independent horror films at 10:30 on Friday night as Baker Street Tattoo presents the Late Night Horror Fest including Irish film, How Olin Lost His Eye.

  1. You can tell your co-workers on Monday that you were hanging out with Fox-29’s Sue Serio at the 7p.m. Friday show. She’s one of the Celebrity Hosts.

  1.  Tickets are only $12 and an All-Festival Pass is $20. Buy at the door or online. View the trailer or get details at

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