Monday, February 15, 2016

Presidents Day Elect 2016

According to

Top Influential Presidents of the United States.

Abraham Lincoln
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Andrew Jackson
Theodore Roosevelt
Woodrow Wilson
Harry Truman
James Polk
Dwight Eisenhower

What are you looking for from the next President of the Unites States?

Leadership, spokesperson, protector, clear thinker, just, perspective, prioritize, decision maker, compassionate, negotiator, humility, intelligence, representative, thick skinned, courageous.

It is certainly a tall order.  

Which candidate now vying for the most important office in the United States do you feel possesses these qualities?

  Look to the above list, do you recognize any comparable outstanding leader in our mist?

It is debatable isn’t it?

the electoral college does.

This year we cast a vote for a new President and Vice President
the rest is in the hands of the Academy, so to speak. 

a school of thought.

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