Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top Ten Birds Spotted

Today is National Bird Day time to look up! I officially started my bird watching for 2016.

Going on my  2016 list Starling, eagle, snow geese, ducks, cedar wax wings, seagull, vulture, heron, woodpecker, TBD warbler and falcon. Not pictured titmouse, red-winged blackbird and chickadee. Not a bad start to the year.

Not everyone is a fan of the swarm but I personally find it magnificent. This group took a fancy to the farmland in the state of Delaware.

Many times when you spot a large nest high in a tree, you can also spot an eagle perching nearby. This eagle however was out to lunch. I caught a glimpse of it on the way back. It is always a top notch day when you spot an eagle at Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge in Maryland.

The Eastern Neck Lodge in Maryland was built in 1933.

On display next to the lodge which is now the Eastern Neck Refuge office was a hunting skiff. Most birders are not fans of hunting but duck hunting does seem to be a popular pastime in other areas of Maryland. It must be why the ducks take refuge here.

 I never would have spotted the tree full of cedar wax wings had I not stopped to see the lodge.  The birds were all over the tree in the parking lot.

This seagull was none too pleased with me when I ventured out on to the dock he was comfortably resting. I forced him to go for a swim.  It was not 70 degrees on New Year's Day. One has to wonder why bird fly away from us. Are we irritating? Sorry seagull.

Leaving Eastern Neck one can't complain if you spotted an eagle but there were not alot of other birds in sight There was one friendly reminder...the vultures are out there. That is one bird that doesn't get much respect especially if you see it gnawing on something on the side of the road. It is not a pretty bird but intriguing none the less.

 Perhaps in the farmlands of Pennsylvania you can see this majestic sight but I have only witnessed it in Delaware and Maryland.  The dance of the snow geese troop is a sight to behold. This was in Maryland. If I knew how to create a movie with the new Windows 10. I would show you the progression but I have not earned those wings yet. It is still cool in stop motion.

Dozens of ducks were spotted at Heinz National Wildlife Refuge on Sunday.  This one is highlighting the trash that needs to be collected and the time that could be saved getting along and just enjoying the great outdoors if people would only dispose of their trash properly.

 Woodpeckers were also high in abundance at Heinz.

The herons were also out in force.  If you can't find a heron at Heniz National Wildlife refuge, you are not looking.  They never disappoint and are very patient with the novice birder and amateur photographer. This one was especially helpful demonstrating the yoga tree pose

My idle standing on one foot. I am in awe perhaps a New Year challenge for me.

This area at Heinz was familiar to me, this is where ducks and sometimes seagulls both can be spotted. It is almost like an exclusive club.  I like the new boardwalk. Much to my surprise, other birders announced on the way out that the eagle was out today. This area is across town from the familiar eagle's nest birders have come to be familiar with at Heinz.

 Here the eagle has landed and staying for the day, looking like they did not want to be disturbed.  Maybe he just had to get out of the house.

Look who is waiting at home for him. Eagle two! Probably tapping the talon too!

Two mystery birds at Heinz on Sunday.  This one was spotted from the back side of the eagle nest tree.  My birding partner thought it may be a juvie short for a juvenile eagle but I am pretty sure it is the Fruit Loops bird.  You decide but maybe not a toucan in North America.  It could be a juvie. I didn't have a lot of time and scope to really identify this one. Falcon?

This is another unidentified bird but I think he or she is something special only because if was making the same sound that what appeared to be professional birders that just passed us were making. It is that swishing sound.  I think it may be a warbler call. Until I can birdspeak I may never know but here is the bird that I speak of. Warbler?

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