Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Top 10 Ways To Prepare for the Powerball Win

1. Buy a Ticket (odds are it only takes one to win)

2. You could be the One!

3. Take a deep breath.

4. Look into the closest limo service. You want to arrive in style. You can buy one later.

5. Change phone number and email address immediately.

6. Hire someone to watch the house.

7. Ladies buy a new dress, nothing elaborate, just something classy like Princess Kate would wear.

8. Get your hair done, use your usual girl, just don't tell her why you are early this month. Say it is an emergency and tip good.

9. It is now probably a good time to tell the husband, you won. Have his outfit already picked out. You will be on television. He can wear whatever he likes next week.

10. Change your mindset, you are now part of the one percents, have mercy on the people that made contributions to your new found wealth.

You probably should have gotten your ticket sooner,
 competition will be stiff! 

Be patient it could pay off BIG!

BTW January 13 is International Make Your Dreams Come True Day!
It will be for somebody(s)
Good Luck!

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