Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ten Reasons To Put A Longwood Christmas on Your List

1. Open up the door to the sights, sounds and smells of the colorful world of nature.
You can take many paths in any direction to find deciduous trees discreetly decorated with thousands of tiny bulbs waiting to lighten up the evening in colorful delight.

2. Climb Two Treehouses and see the Christmas Trees housed inside.

Birdhouse Treehouse

Canopy Cathedral Treehouse provides an elevated vantage point for viewing the floating tree light display.

3. I call this the Christmas Tree Corridor which also resembles Santa and his elves hats.

4.  They line the path to the Tree Form Light Display at Small Lake which from a distance looks like a line of Eiffel Towers. With the Dupont French relations it could make sense or also serve as a fitting tribute to the Paris Attack. I am sure this was not the intent but one can't help but be reminded.

5. That leads to the Wildlife Tree located just before you reach the Canopy Cathedral Treehouse.

6. Journey further down the pathway to the Italian Water Garden Light Display outlined in blue, which I will admit I was reluctant to do during the first freezing night of the new year. This evidence was not only back up by the weather forecasters, you could not see them for the darkness but you could hear the Canadian geese calling out in the night...cold, cold. I was glad I went it was beautiful and worth the challenge. My only regret of the visit, the outside fountains, including the anticipated Open Air Theatre Fountain show were not operating due to the extreme cold.If it would have been a balmy 70 degrees, though we may not have had the place to ourselves at 9 in the evening. There are always trade-eoffs.

7. Circling the path back towards the visitor's center, you can get a closer look at the Floating Tree Display.

8. Off in the distance you can spot the Snowflake Light Display high in the trees.

9. It makes one wonder what it would be like to walk under one of these vibrantly lit trees and how many trees are lit and how many bulbs and how many people it takes to make it all happen.

  It is magical. Start small here is one tree, start counting the bulbs.

10. It may have been cold outside but I left A Longwood Christmas all aglow

Nicely done Longwood!

The Garden Railway was plus and a pleasant surprise.

This is just on the outside tomorrow, the inside story.

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