Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ten Plus Popular Hangups

We all have our hangups, here are  few of mine.

Identity Crisis What looks to be the same exact hangup has been branded by letters S and L.  What does this mean?

Smiling and likable maybe.

His and hers, of course her's has the swivel hips.

Something special should hang here. It has a silver lining.

Since when do hangers come with names on them?

Joe the baseball player had some of the following's items in his closet.

Marilyn Monroe that is signature.

Originally, I have no idea what these came with but I have used them for skirts and the clip ones work great to keep the cropped with cuffs jeans in place. I hang them upside down. Note the smaller one says size 6. Maybe I just keep it for memories of the good younger days. Six and sassy.

Plastic hangers! I use them for slacks only.

Please give me the metal hangers.  The metal ones take up much less room in a closet. I have a small closet.

Accessorize find those ties and belts easily.

For the ladies the scarf solution

I saw this idea on the website Life Hackers. At first the word hackers made me pause. I have since been hanging every sweater in sight with the new system. Try it! Dazzle your friends or just impress yourself that you can do this.  It is a great rainy day activity and dare I say, if we get snow, you will know exactly where to get another layer sweater. The photos should be self explanatory.

It is pure genius and you could be too!

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