Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ten Inside Stories at Longwood

The Conservatory at Longwood Gardens is full of special holiday highlights and also has much to appreciate year round.

1. Number one has to be it is indoors. Not that spending time "outside" in nature is a good idea anytime of year but baby when it is old outside you can still enjoy nature in all its splendor.

2. The East Conservatory is your first greeting once you pass through the entrance way. First impression, this is going to be good and there are fountains!

3. You can take the Garden Path to the left or head to the right to the mysterious Green Wall. I thought it was elevators at first.  Even if you do not have to use the facilities, check it out.  It is a pretty cool hallway.

Garden Path

Green Wall with a light above means occupied.

4. Regardless of age, you will want to dip into the Indoor Children's Garden just duck down and watch you head.  They have mazes, waterfalls and a treasure map to hunt for the unusual.

5. Exhibition Hall is breathtaking and most likely the most photographed section of The Conservatory. No camera? Use your phone. Look at that beautiful tree.  No worries, we will get closer.

6. After you are done taking this photograph at Exhibition Hall facing into the music room, look up!
There you will find the Pierre S. duPont clock and to the left on the column a plaque.

7. The Music Room is my favorite room, and when I win the lottery and can afford a garden greenhouse extravaganza like this, I want to pattern my office room exactly like it, elegant yet cozy.

This is known as "inspired view" with reproductions of the original blueprints for the Main Fountain laid across the desk.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who wants a  room like this when you can have it all!

8.  The ballroom is exquisite and if you time it out you can hear a recording of the organ and take a behind the scenes tour.

9. The Greenhouse Tour offers a glimpse at various plant life at several stages and the aroma of fresh flowers elevates the mood and offers a glance into the future season.  Every one will have their own favorite section. On Monday mine was the 'bonsai" but I am a fan of roses and orchids (next seasonal display coming up), waterlilies, ferns, tropical plants, palms and herbs. Who doesn't love a bonsai and Longwood Gardens has such a great collection.

10. Don't forget the food! Menus will vary at the Cafe and the Terrace but I highly recommend the parsnip soup. Not only is it delightfully decorated, it is delicious.

If they got it, get it. 

Much of the credit for the maintaining of this very special jewel we have in our area belongs to the staff but we would not even have the opportunity to visit had it not been for the original purchase of Peirce Park by Pierre S. duPont. More of his story ison display at the mansion.  Don't miss that!

As promised an up close look at the Exhibition Hall tree. It glistens.

A Longwood Christmas ends on January 10
and the new season
will begin.

Happy 2016!

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