Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January Food Awareness Month

Come January most of us are well aware of food and the unconscious habit of eating too much over the holiday. If we are fortunate that is.

Here are the January Highlights

Tubers and Dried Fruit Month What are tubers exactly? I get my tubers and root vegetables mixed up apparently.  I am familiar with tuber potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams. The difference between a potato and a sweet potato and what makes it sweet is another thought to contemplate but I believe I prefer the sweet potato simply for its name. If it is sweet I know I am going to like it. Dried fruit I can only name apricots, bananna chips and prunes and raisins and perhaps apple bits are found in a trail mix. I am still a little unclear about the difference between a yam and a sweet potato. I am still going to lean towards the sweet and top it with cinnamon when I get the opportunity. Cinnamon is good for you, I bet you didn't know that! Whereas WEBMD is not promoting cinnamon they do mention possible benefits.

Prune Breakfast Month A prune breakfast does not sound appealing to me at all so I will have to google the good about this one. I don't think I will be serving it anytime soon, unless of course it is a necessity. Prunes have their perks.

Oatmeal Month Oatmeal is another food that I personally have had to make friends with.  It does stick to your inners and makes you less hungry and you should be able to make it to lunch without a snack. To me it doesn't have much taste so I have had to doll it up a little with, of course cinnamon. I also have a large abundance of pears over the holiday. Slice one of those babies up and nuke it up in the microwave and it is pretty tasty. Plain ole oatmeal is not for me but it does have a lot of health benefits.
National Soup Month Campbell's has the best advertisement message, "Soup is good food" and it really is provided you downsize some of the more popular ingredients like salt and maybe not so much heavy cream and butter that makes it taste so good. It is one of the best ways to get your daily dose of veggies. Homemade vegetable soup, and the ingredients can vary is one of my favorite winter comfort foods.

Hot Tea Month Tea is not exactly a food but I add it to this list because is can be a treat. I became addicted to this beverage when I took a short to trip to Lake Erie with a friend in November. She just moved there! Gingerbread Tea at Starbucks not only put me in a festive mood, it was pleasing to the taste buds and it allowed me 5 seconds more to withstand the winds along the lake to take a few pictures that I hope to share in another blog list, my first trip to and first sight of a Great Lake. Back to the Tea, I can't afford Starbucks on a regular bases, so I make my own and you can too but possibly for a limited time only.  I use green tea, gingerbread creamer and sprinkle a little nutmeg on top. If you made a pumpkin pie or gingerbread cookies over the holidays you have nutmeg in the cupboard. It is like a holiday treat, indulge, it will not cost you much in calories.

Egg Month I like eggs but rarely take the extra time to make them in the morning. I like a quick fix to get me going but when I go out to breakfast scrambled are my favorite. As a kid my grandmother would make us poached eggs and fried eggs were called dip eggs. As I approach the grandmother years, bread is one of those things considered a treat so it gets eaten sparingly. I miss the good "old" days and white bread

Fiber Focus Get more fiber in your diet, you need more fiber, I read about that alot. I could link WEBMD again, they are the first ones that come up on the search but then I found this post on the IfLife.com website.  I like what he has to say about the Fiber: Over hyped? he explains it well.

National Wheat Bread Month I do I try and eat wheat bread, wheat pasta, and wheat thins but it is not my favorite as I mentioned with the eggs I liked white bread but I do not even know what white bread tastes like anymore. Why is wheat so favored? I like rye and pumpernickel just as well.  I bet pumpernickel pasta would rock. You could make your on for it is also Bread Making Machine Month.

Apples and Apricots Month.  I think of apples more of a fall fruit maybe it is that vision of bobbing for apples or caramel dipped or candy apples that triggers that thought but there are so many varieties and I always have one or two sitting on my kitchen table as a wise snack choice. How many varieties you ask? Many. I don't have an exact number but I found a fun "apple" website out of Washington state, The Washington Apple Commission, check it out. Apricots on the other hand, I rarely eat. Maybe I should mix it up a little.
Artichoke and Asparagus Month Note to self, I must investigate the growing and harvesting of asparagus. I know that it takes three years for it to take hold.  I have been through those steps and it comes back every year and has its own section in the right corner of my garden. No pests seem to both it nor do the varmints in the neighborhood nibble on it. The stalks seem to be either too think or brown out quickly. I don't know if I should pull it or not.  It does make a lovely asparagus type fern when not in season.  That is all I know. The artichoke seems to have many steps to prepare and unless I am doing something incorrect does not offer much quantity similar to a crab but I love crab.

It is also Retail Bakers Month and Candy Month that should be self explanatory and need no reminder been there done that in just about every month, I just can't resist.  How about you?

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