Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Top 10 Things We Can Not Resist

This Most Wonderful Time of Year

Cookies (just one more).

Humming a Christmas Song (do I hear the Jingle Bell bark?).

Spending (don't get bit by the January credit card bug, it doesn't necessarily have
you best interest at heart).

Using the excuse, it's the holidays!

Feeling overwhelmed (there is only one Martha, no need to compete, start your own trend).

Losing the tape ( I may try a lanyard this year) Did I just invent something? I am officially patenting it here and now, unless of course someone else has already invented it and I mean no disrespect or copyright infringement.

Wearing red (even if it is not your color).

Sending holiday cheer to a grumpy friend (maybe Grinch will lighten up this year).

Using your Dirga breath (go ahead look it up, it's a good thing).

Buying a little something for yourself (it is perfectly legal, regardless if you have been naughty or nice).

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