Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ten Top Not So Great Presents for Pets

Poinsettia, Mistletoe and Holly are bad for cats intestinal systems.

Tinsel, Ribbons and Rubber bands are another no-no and can be nasty for a cat to ingest.

Chocolate is bad for dogs and cats. The good news dark chocolate is said to be good for people, just keep it to yourself.

If you are not going to finish that alcoholic drink, toss it down the drain.  It is not good for any pet or child for that matter, to be left on a table.

If you have a new curious cat or two, you might want to secure that Christmas Tree, some of the more adventurous ones like to climb and they love things that dangle. It is a temptation.

We have seen it happen on television, don't leave the turkey, chocolate cake, a whole plate of cookies, etc. on the table without supervision.  It is only an open invitation to a pet.

Feed your pet the recommended pet food not table scraps.

Be considerate of pets and guests, try not to surprise unsuspecting guest with a pet and try not to surprise an unsuspecting pet with a guest.

No one wants to forget their favorite buddy on the holidays just be mindful.

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