Thursday, December 3, 2015

December 2015 Awareness

AIDS Awareness Month What is the difference between HIV and AIDS? Read more at

National Drunk and Drugged Driving Awareness and should we add distracted driving?.  There are a lot more people on the roads in December and many have other things on their mind

Learn a Foreign Language Month (there are many links, you can Google it and also search YouTube to learn a new different language.)  If you ever plan on doing any international travel, it can make a world of difference and yes there is an app, several actually, here is a linkto some suggestions at ehow. Learn a Foreign Language Month

National Hand Washing Awareness Month Washing your hands is one of the ways you can combat illness. Here is a link to Handwashing When and How from

Identity Theft Protection and Awareness Month More so than any other time of the year you hear someone’s Identify has been Compromise. There are services you can pay for to protect you and that almost seems criminal, another expense!! Are you protected 100%? Here is information from the Federal Trade Commission, if you happen to get one of “those” notices; Your Identity may have been compromised. They also offer suggestions on how to protect your identity.

International Mountain Month If you can’t make it to the mountain this year, simply stand in place and strike a Yoga Mountain Pose. It is a powerful think not only to climbthat mountain but to be that mountain.

Procrastination Awareness Month C’mon you have less than 20 more days till Christmas, get out there or cyber shop.  It is the real deal, so “they” say.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Awareness Month  It puts climate change in a category all its own. I will admit to loving the seasonal changes, the perfect weather in the fall not too hot and not too call and the beautiful colors, it is art in the making.  I am not real fond of the colder temperatures but find it can make me heartier if I take a walk on a brrrisk day.  I love what to me appears to be the pureness, when the landscape is colored in white. Too many dark and gloomy days can be a downer.
Seasonal Depression Awareness  Personally I feel blessed that I don’t believe I suffer from depression around the holidays but will readily admit that my sensitivity is heightened. I feel for those that suffer.

Safe Toys and Gifts Month. Check on the Consumer Product Safety Commission

 Read A New Book Month NY Times Best Seller List link. My opinion for what it is worth, a book makes a great gift! e-books are the fashion but I still prefer the old fashion book. Here is a link to the New York Times Best Seller List and PBS documentaries and the books that inspired them.

Many countries and cultures celebrate holidays and festivities this month.

Joy to the World!


and an end to senseless act of violence
It does seem to be an awfully lot to ask for but I think it is on many people’s list.

Today is International Day of  People with Disability

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