Friday, November 27, 2015

Things that Multiply Mysteriously

Pounds (I had one piece of pie!!)

Dirty Dishes (I swear I just washed you.)

Dust (This can be cured with low lighting but in the sunlight, forget it.)

Leaves on the Lawn ( I saw one maybe two dancing along the street, on a windy day maybe more BUT not all those).  Is someone dumping them on my lawn?

Fuzz on a Sweater (You will not be the first one I choose to take out for a walk, think about that before you get all crazy)

Hangers ( I never remember buying one and I must have a million.)

Shoes ( Did I really buy all these shoes!  I hate shoes. ) Maybe Imedla Marcos stashed some here.

Jeans that no longer fit (I have a personal disdain for those)

Hair in the hairbrush (Who has grey hair?)

Spam (about items I would never use) whose watch list am I on?

Charges on Your Credit Card and Interest on Monthly Statements  (It may be naughty or nice that someone is interested in you but BUYER BEWARE.)

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