Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Salem Cemetery the Burying Point

The Burying Point is the oldest burying ground in the City of Salem, Massachusetts.

Buried here: 

Mary Corry first wife of Giles Corry of witchcraft times (1684). His second wife was was hung at 72 for suspected witchcraft and he was pressed to death not for suspected witchcraft but refusing to plea.

Mary Cromwell Doraty Cromwell (oldest stone) 1673.According to, she is one of five wives of Phillip Cromwell.

John and Anstiss Crowninshield, Clifford Crowninshield

Benjamin Lynde Jr. d. 1781  was the chief justice of the province of Massachusetts during the soldiers trial of the Boston Massacre. The trial opened on November 27, 770.

Samuel McIntire a woodcarver and architect died 1811. Hamilton Hall in Salem is one of his designed buildings still in existence.

Captain John Turner built the House of Seven Gables also known at Turner-Ingersol Mansion.  Three generations of the Turner Family lived in the house.

Colonel John Hathorne a judge during the Salem witchcraft trials.

Captain Richard More the only marked grave of a Mayflower passenger. He came over on the Mayflower as a young boy and an indentured servant, later became a sea captain.

The victims of the Salem Witch Trials were hanged at Gallow Hill and to date this location has never been exactly located. However in 1992, a Salem Witch Trials Memorial was created by architect Jim Culter and artist Maggie Smith just beyond the Burying Point burial ground it is a courtyard of stone with protruding stones  that have the names of the victims carved into them. I started to take a picture of one of them and felt guilty, so I proceeded to immortalize them all.

Memorialized here

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