Friday, November 13, 2015

Autumn Color Last Views at Valley Forge

Valley Forge National Park

You can hike, You can bike, You can walk.  You can talk.  You can tour and see even more. When did the trolley tours start? I didn't know about them. You can also pick up audio tour information at the visitors center for yet another way to see Valley Forge.

Last Saturday, I had the brilliant idea of going to Valley Forge National Park, not for historical reasons but for the visual attributes it possesses this time of year. Unfortunately Saturday was a dark and dank day but there were still plenty of things to photograph and a few things I will have to go back and explore more.

We are all creature of habit are we not?  You may see this picture as lacking substance but my imagination sees something else.  Do you see the multitude of pine needles and pine cones?  You are not allowed by law to remove anything from a National Park, it is protected space but if you happen to notice these items anywhere else, I have an idea for you. The pines needles would make a lovely mulch and the pine cones are practically screaming at you to make them a holiday decoration. Again, you might think differently but that is how my mind works. The habit part is every time I see pine cones I think holiday wreath or a pine cone Christmas tree crafted from an upside down tomato cage.

I was waiting for this guy to move so I could take the perfect picture and he wasn't moving.  Then it dawned on me, he was enhancing the perfect picture and helped me create an Andrew Wyeth scene. Are you with me?  Doesn't it resemble something that Andrew Wyeth would paint?

Once in that zone, the subjects just keep popping up in nature.  This was a spring house?

The house is getting a makeover and I am curious as to who had lived there.  Was the house there during Washington and his men's encampment at Valley Forge? I hope signage will tell the story of this home and its inhabitants.

Can you tell any difference between the two photographs of the house?  I wonder if Wyeth had any trouble with Helga jumping in the frame while he was trying to create?

I hope this house will eventually be open to the public and we can tour inside. Now can you see why I was asking if it was here during the winter with Washington?  They have a fireplace!

Whereas, I do not believe any of the original "huts" that the Revolutionary soldiers stayed in still exist in Valley Forge National Park, this facsimile indicates to me, no fireplace. However there is a chimney.  Should we look inside?

It was rather dark inside but with a flash I could see that you did not have to sit on the floor but no fireplace in sight.  Maybe there were in the deluxe models.  This cabin/hut was across the road from the house.

These two trees standing there inconspicuously still had quite a few leaves left to drop but look at all the ones that had already broken loose. Do you think trees communicate? Would they say, You are losing leaves? How about, Did you make that mess? Does the wind mind coming in and cleaning up after them? Is that volunteer work?

 I am not sure what to call this structure, a stable, corral or a horse hitch?  My husband swears there used to be a Conestoga Wagon in there but I do not recall.  Can anyone verify that? It is located in the parking lot of the Washington Memorial Chapel.

I am a big fan of the Trolley Tours.  My next trip to Valley Forge I am going to have to 
take the trolley.

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