Friday, October 30, 2015

Sample of this Year's Halloween Fashions from Salem, Massachuesetts

The prediction of what is trending this year in Salem, Massachusetts 2015....

Really no outfit is complete without the shoes.

Music is always in fashion and so is music appreciation.

Dancing with the can is monstrously vogue and seems to be replacing twerking.

Jason another spokesperson for Halloween made a statement without saying a word at all.

This tired and true standard the witches cape complete with hat makes the ladies flow with fun, don't forget the broom.

Witches hats matter and designing your own can display your personality or mood of the day.

Hats and hose.

No Uber, no problem, take the bike or the broom or take the bike and broom in case of a malfunction.

Makeup always makes the man, don't you think? Perhaps a little more cover-up for this guy.

 They're Back, I believe refers to the scary people.

 This has to be my favorite window in a hair salon, pick a mask and get your Halloween hair.

No matter what you decide, choose wisely, the fashion police are out there and they are watching you like a hawk.

This was only a preview, on October 31, I was told over 70.000 people converge on Salem and party the night away.  The next day the people of Salem get their city back.

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