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Frank Furness lecture alert Wednesday

Frank Furness

Photograph By Moses King (Philadelphia and Notable Philadelphians) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

Learn about Frank Furness and his distinguishable architecture on Wednesday, October 21 at 7:30 p.m.when the Nether Providence Historical Society hosts Jim Tevebaugh, President of the Friends of Furness Railroad District at the Helen Kate Furness Library located at 100 N. Providence Rd. in Wallingford., PA.

 Frank Furness designed over 600 buildings mostly in the Philadelphia area.

Wilmington Station completed in 1905 by architects Furness and Evans and restored in 1984 part of the Northeast Corridor Improvement Project.

Jayne House in Philadelphia constructed in 1885 for Dr. Horace Jayne and Mrs. Caroline Furness Jayne was designed by Frank Furness.

Philadelphia Zoo Entrance Gatehouses 1875-1876. Photo courtesy of Carol Lingle. There are two buildings as you enter the zoo, designed by Frank Furness.

Physick Estate, Cape May, to be historically correct, the Physick website states there is no documentation to indicate this was a Furness styled house. Historians concur however, he could have been the only one to design this home.

This estate on Harrison Road in Newtown Square is believed to have been a Furness design. Sure looks like it to me.

Frank Furness designed the memorial to Charles Lewis Leiper located at the Middletown Presbyterian Churchyard. Furness served with Leiper in the Civil War, 6th Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry ("Rush's Lancers") and was a pallbearer at Leiper's funeral.

During the Civil War, Furness served as Captain and commander of Company F, 6th Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry ("Rush's Lancers"). He received the Medal of Honor for his gallantry at the Battle of Trevilian Station. Citation:
Voluntarily carried a box of ammunition across an open space swept by the enemy's fire to the relief of an outpost whose ammunition had become almost exhausted, but which was thus enabled to hold its important position.

He died July 27, 1912, at his summer home Idlewild in Media, PA. and is buried with a simple grave marker at Laurel Hill Cemetery with a distinguishing mark, Medal of Honor.

He also designed the summer home, Lindenshade in Wallingford for his brother Horace Howard Furness and his wife Helen Kate Furness.  Sadly it was demolished in 1940, it was located in what is now Furness Park.

Subrosa was also in Wallingford on Turner Road, a summer home for the Horace and Caroline Furness Jayne, close to her parents summer home.

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Visit the library: Helen Kate Furness Free Library located at 00 North Providence Road in Wallingford, PA. The entrance door is on Furness Lane.

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