Friday, October 30, 2015

Sample of this Year's Halloween Fashions from Salem, Massachuesetts

The prediction of what is trending this year in Salem, Massachusetts 2015....

Really no outfit is complete without the shoes.

Music is always in fashion and so is music appreciation.

Dancing with the can is monstrously vogue and seems to be replacing twerking.

Jason another spokesperson for Halloween made a statement without saying a word at all.

This tired and true standard the witches cape complete with hat makes the ladies flow with fun, don't forget the broom.

Witches hats matter and designing your own can display your personality or mood of the day.

Hats and hose.

No Uber, no problem, take the bike or the broom or take the bike and broom in case of a malfunction.

Makeup always makes the man, don't you think? Perhaps a little more cover-up for this guy.

 They're Back, I believe refers to the scary people.

 This has to be my favorite window in a hair salon, pick a mask and get your Halloween hair.

No matter what you decide, choose wisely, the fashion police are out there and they are watching you like a hawk.

This was only a preview, on October 31, I was told over 70.000 people converge on Salem and party the night away.  The next day the people of Salem get their city back.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Things that have to change

Not every one is a fan of change, but you gotta do what you gotta do.











Just to name a few of the many changes we all go through.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Up in the Catskills

On our way to Boston, we decided to take a different path and head to the Catskills, never been. I thought I remembered this is where all that dirty dancing took place. How would I describe the Catskills? An artist paradise....especially in the fall.

 The artist Matt Bua, according to the Hudson Valley Magazine link I found, made this cat out of scrap wood and tree branches.

Artist Thomas Cole also made the Catskills his backdrop and the place that created the colors on his palate. He certainly had the view. The Thomas Cole House was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1965. It was early in the morning when we happened across Cedar Grove so I was not able to take an official tour, just walk around the grounds.

His New Studio built in 1846, was torn down in the 70's but a revitalization is taking place and the replacement of the New Studio is expected to be open in 2016 according to the sign.

A view of the house from the New Studio, he didn't have a bad commute.

To each his own but I was more a fan of 1839 Old Studio Barn. Peeping in the window made this space look as if a lot of creativity happened here.

Hudson River Valley Art School Trail was founded by the Thomas Cole National Historic Site.  As you follow along the trail you can see what scenery Mr. Cole had to work with, it is strikingly breathtaking in the fall.

If you have to cross the Rip Van Winkle Bridge, you might as well pull over in the parking lot and walk across the view of the Hudson is spectacular.

 I will admit I did go in search of the legendary larger than like sculpture of Rip Van Winkle the is said to exist on Hunter Mountain. I made it to Hunter Mountain with its gorgeous views of trails ablaze in fall colors just lying in wait for the upcoming winter season. I am not a skier but it looks like it would be fun.

There is a beautiful medieval church, All Souls Church where all denominations are welcome.

The church is located near a water tower that was being restored.

Down in the valley at the Mountain Top Arboretum, you can spot the water tower dressing up the trees with a cap. Did I mention the gorgeous homes up in the mountains?

Also at the arboretum you can find a beekeepers amusing explanation of the working of bees. Science could not have described it better.

If the Catskills is a place you have never been, I highly recommend it. It looks extraordinary in the fall. It is close to another Delaware County in New York and it is close to the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame. You can hike, bike, take photographs or merely take in nature in all its splendor.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Upcoming Events Week of October 26 2015

Yoga at Bartram Gardens Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. see link for schedule time and pricing. 

On October 19 NASA started a new website with Daily Images of the Earth,  Check it out at .

Now thru October 29th look to the sky, just before dawn Venus, Jupiter and Mars will rise to the east and be seen at its best. This is known as the Dawn Triangle of Planets. In addition to the planets are the moons of Jupiter: Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. Bring your binoculars.

October 27 World Series begins Kansas City Royals vs New York Mets on Fox at 8.

October 31 Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half Marathon to benefit American Association for Cancer Research online registration closes October 25. Start location Eakins Circle.

October 31 Trick or Treat with the Ghosts at Fort Mifflin 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

October 31 Halloween Express, ride with a witch on the Wilmington and Western Railroad.  GREENBANK STATION Boarding Location 2201 Newport Gap Pike(Route 41 North),Wilmington, DE 1980. Reservations Recommended.

October 31 Sleep with the Ghost at Ft. Mifflin 6 p.m, till 8 p.m.

October 31 Happy Halloween Trick or Treating

October 31 Halloween Spooktacular at Camden Children's Garden 1 -4 p.m.

October 31 Trick or Treat Trail and Lightning Bolt Express Presented by Blank Rome – 12 noon - 3 p.m. Decorate your very own Trick or Treat bag and follow the map to the Trick or Treat Trail stops in the park. FREE for children 10 and under.  Group reservations and participation are not available. Then, take a train ride on a fall day on the Lightning Bolt Express ($5 adults, $4 children). Additional craftivity provided by the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts at Franklin Square.

October 31 Halloween Open House 1 - 5 p.m. $8 Adults $3 Children over 12 and Lantern Tour, 6:30 p.m. $20 at the 1704 Brinton House 1 - 5 p.m. Reservations required for the Lantern Tour. 610.399.0913 or

October 31 Iris Freeheart Concert 5 p.m. at Bartram Gardens.

November 1 Victorian Dance Historic Sugartown. an afternoon of dancing led by the Victorian Dance 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.Ensemble Performing Troupe of the Civil War Dance Foundation.The experienced troupe will demonstrate various dances of the Civil War and Victorian Era. Attendees will be given instruction and invited to join the troupe on the dance floor! Attendees are welcome to dress in costume if desired, as the troupe will be in full Civil War garb. Dance will be held in Historic Sugartown’s Carriage Museum located at 273 Boot Road, Malvern, PA 19355. Light refreshments will be provided.Admission: $15 Adult, $12 Children ages 10  and younger. Pre-registration is greatly appreciated. Visit or call 610-640-2667 to register!

November 1

November 1 Time to change the clocks back 1 hour and change the batteries in your smoke detector.

Monday, October 26, 2015

The 233rd Anniversary of the Massacre at Long Beach Island

If you have ever visited the Barnegat Lighthouse on Long Beach Island, you have seen this monument. Massacre at Long Beach.

There is another reference along Central Avenue at 19th St. in Barnegat Light as you drive along the 18 miles point to point of Long Beach Island....

and again on Bayview Avenue in Barnegat around 20th.

Andrew Steelman was only 21 years old, if I have my calculations correct from ancestry. He was active in the American Revolution aboard the privateer Alligator. The Continental Navy had 64 ships and 1,697 privateers. You can read more about the privateers at this website His mother was Sarah Somers and his father Frederick Steelman. It is hard to imagine such brutality happened here. Of particular interest on the website is the story of James Forten Sr. an African American Privateer. He is buried in Eden Cemetery in Collingdale, Delaware County. There is always a connection to Philadelphia or Delaware County when I stumble across historical events.I must make a correction here as I have stumbled across more in depth information I can't say Mr.Forten is buried in Eden Cemetery, he died before the cemetery was established but there is a memorial to him there.  His body may have been moved there at a later date. I have not come across that information yet.

Drive off the island just over and you can more traces of this notorious Captain John Bacon's footsteps. This posting is on Route 9 by the Baptist Church.

You can then take Route 9 or get on the Parkway and take the Port Republic exit, I think it is 48 if you are headed south on the parkway.  This collection of monuments is located at US 9 and Route 575. This interesting area tells a whole other story of the American Revolution, I never read about in history books. It is fascinating and Andrew Steelman led me here to The Battle at Chestnut Neck.

Through Internet searching I found the following website it is such a great website full of historical details and videos of lectures that will tell you all you want to know about Chestnut Neck and how this area served in the founding of our country. Fascinating things happened tucked back there in the Great Bay. When New York and Philadelphia were shutdown, they were able to get supplies to Valley Forge.

Capt. Andrew Steelman listed as (Murdered while POW at Long Beach Island).

We of course gained a few of these vessels from capturing them from the British. Otherwise the Continental Army issued Letters of Marque to privately owned armed merchant ships and gave them permission to prey on any enemy ship. Privateers played a big part in disarming the British and also helped in getting supplies for our troops.

Two months a one day later, about 10 miles outside Long Beach Island at Cedar Bridge Tavern, the final chapter, they got John Bacon.

The Cedar Bridge Tavern still stands on Old Halfway Road and there are plans to restore it. Each December there is an event to commemorate the last documented land engagement of the American Revolution.

While searching the Internet I found this website  Check it out it is full of tons of interesting facts.

I also found that there is a Steelman Creek Burial Ground Marker inside Estell Manor Park in Atlantic County, relatives of Andrew Steelman are buried there and a Col.Richard Somers sign on Shore Rd. in Somers Point.

Ever since I have been going to Long Beach Island, Andy's Place sits at the end of the island in Barnegat, it is probably just a coincidence but I think it is a nice tribute too.