Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ways the Catholic Church is planning for the World Meeting of Families and the Pope

The Cathedral Basilica Saint Peter and Paul, the mother church of the Philadelphia Archdiocese is located on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The parish will host the Pope as he offers a private mass to Catholic clergy and invited religious dignitaries throughout the area. The mass will be available to the general public via jumbotron along the Ben Franklin Parkway.

Outside the Cathedral you will find the knotted grotto , a temporary art installation commissioned by Project HOME to celebrate the World Meeting of Families and the visit of Pope Francis to Philadelphia.

The object of the artwork is to make a donation and acquire a ribbon to tie into the display and after your tie your special intention, you select another ribbon and pray for the intentions of someone else.

The intentions surround the copy of a very special piece of artwork that has special meaning to Pope Francis.

You may also spot an international news team interviewing people.  KTO as you can see from the microphone is a Catholic station from France. I was able to obtain that information from Google and SRF a German based live streaming news organization.

 A priest greeting guests as they leave the church paying personal attention can always leave a last impression.  I have always liked this tradition of the Catholic Church.

Also outside the church was a woman displaying photographs of two children.  She was from the SNAP Network. I had to look that one up as well. The SNAP Network is the survivors network of abused priests. I venture to say everyone would like a little added exposure during this world attention event. This is one of the flaws in the Catholic Church that Pope Francis is working to address and to bring the Catholic community back to the strong unit it once was.

Across the street from the Basilica, in Sister Cities Park, you can find "Official Pope and World Meeting of Families" souvenirs. On Sunday September 20th there was only one booth. I am sure many more will be pop up in the coming week. I thought the bobble head was an interesting choice, but you do have collectors out there. I must confess, I was almost tempted.

Inside the church on display is the official commissioned World Meeting of Families portrait of the Holy Family by Nelson Carlin of Kennett Square, PA.

A complete list of programs and scheduled events from September 21 - 27 can be found at the Basilica's website.

One thing I believe is universal with the World Meeting of Families and the visit of Pope Francis, we all pray it is a great success and a joyful and peaceful time for all the world to witness.  God knows how badly we need that. Light a candle.

A culmination of all the World Meeting of Families, the Francis Festival will run September 26th thru the 27th with a celebratory mass on the Ben Franklin Parkway. Tomorrow I will share with you some of those preparations, through the eyes of a visitor.

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