Wednesday, September 16, 2015

If You Missed Miss America

I watched the Miss America contest for the first time in many, many years and I actually enjoyed it.

The commercials, although do not tell the sponsors,  I can't remember a specific one, were not overboard.

The elimination ran rather smoothly, although I thought it a little harsh that all the ladies were on the stage in preparation to perform their specific talent and three never got a chance.

Bikini bathing suits are okay and most of the ladies wore them with grace but I think I prefer the one piece. I don't need to see all that skin, I have cable.

The Vanessa Williams apology I found a little uncomfortable.  I had read previously that she had agreed to appear if she was given an apology and she acted surprised when she received it . Should there have been an apology? Maybe many years ago but it seemed awkward to me in Sunday nights show.

The questions were, how can I say deflating.  It is tough to be put on the spot like that and come up with a reasonable good answer and one that will almost always get "someone's" dander up. Anything to get social media buzzing.

I do not think the new Miss America will be invited to sing the National Anthem at any of the home games in Gillette Stadium but I think other teams would love to have her.  I thought it was an irrelevant and unfair question.

As far as the talent went I did enjoy the singers the most but the voices were low until Miss Georgia performed an opera song. I have never been to an opera so I should not say this but I am not an opera fan. Opera?  I rolled my eyes but when this very attractive young lady started to sing, I was captivated, she nailed it. They all deserved to win but she stood out among the crowd.

I loved all the evening gowns and I hope to someday get to the traditional "Show Me Your Shoes" Parade some year.  I hear it is a lot of fun.

I think Atlantic City and Boardwalk Hall is a great tradition and venue for the Miss America Pageant and I hope it stays where it began in 1921.  I think it brings back a little class to the struggling casino town.
I was hoping Miss New Jersey was in the finals since I saw her working during the filming of the fountain promo.  She stood out in that crowd with such enthusiasm and a great smile.  No doubt all these you ladies have successful careers ahead of them. Perhaps someone else will pick up on these women who may not have made it to the final selections but no doubt possess a specific talent and skill that will earn them additional scholarship money to pursue their dreams.

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