Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ten Debatable Things

1. Do smart people use the word stupid?

2. Are we an Immigration Nation?

3. What is the Plan for Parenthood?

4. How can we avoid dredging up the past? By not carrying it into the future?

5. Hooked on Hillary?  She is not the enemy merely the opposition.

6. Whose side are you on? Are we suppose to have sides in the United States?

7. Bill of Rights "Big Hug" Freedom

8. Politically incorrect, is this the "new normal".

9. Iran, Deal or No Deal.

10. Loud and Proud? The squeaky wheel still gets the grease.

What do we need in the White House? Some one with a good head of hair on their shoulders. We all know it will turn grey, once they get there. It is not a stress-free job.

Who would you pick?

Just be politically correct!

To quote Jon Stewart on his last show:  If You Smell Something, Say Something.

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