Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Top 10 Summer Checklist

Take a Vacation

A day at the beach

Start a new novel or finally read that classic.

Visit a historical house in Delaware County (we have many). Check the Delco Times for dates and times open.

Movie Night or afternoon (check your local library) Rent cheap or watch at the library. delcolibraries.com

Go camping in the back yard ( of course there is the weather to consider and bugs and stuff). We must not have had weather or bugs when I was little, I loved camping in the back yard.

Summer concerts are everywhere or you could simply wash and wax your car in the driveway and crank up the music.  This is not a popular pastime anymore either.  Check for local concert listings, some are FREE!

I have been craving s'mores.  It could be the lineup just as you walk into the Acme but man, I could really go for one. At the very least a totally burnt marshmallow would make me smile.

Linvilla is always a great place to take the kids and wander around even if there isn't a special event but they do have a few coming up and getting a bag of Apple Cider donuts counts as a special event to me.  You can't do that every day!

Making lemonade does involve lots of sugar but you can still make lemonade water. "They" say it can help to trim you down for those of us who have not donned a bikini yet.

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