Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Top 10 Plus Things You Can Not Do Without Electricity

We are so wired, recently we have all had a small taste of just how important electricity is to our every day lives. On a normal day these are the things we take for granted and this is probably the short list.

Open the refrigerator

Electric razor

Electric can opener

Blow dry your hair

Curl your hair

Turn on a lamp
Make coffee



Electric Hot Water Heater

Electric Stove

Take the kids to daycare if they are out of power too.

Watch TV (backup battery does not last forever)

Charge Phone in your house (could use charger in car if you have one)

Wash clothes

Use Dishwasher


No Traffic Signals

Pool Pump will not work

People with wells can't pump water up to use facilities and utilities

EGAD separation anxiety from the Internet and FACEBOOK!!

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