Friday, July 10, 2015

Top 10 Mindfulness vs Mindlessness

These are not official description, they are my renditions

Mindlessness:  Have you ever driven to work on any given day and thought when you got there, I don't even remember how I got here? I call that scary mindlessness but it happens all the time.

Mindfulness: Is a state of mind where you are fully aware of your environment and yourself within that realm. There are a few people that are very aware, the majority of us fall into the #1 category. Number 2 is a much healthier place to be and it is being heavily promoted now, if you are mindful and paying attention.

I will list a few examples of very day life.  You decide mindful or mindless. 

Hold a door for someone.

Water bottles left idle half empty or half full. (the leaving behind would be the question)


Watching television or Surfing the net.


Righting wrongs (putting things back in their place)




Making a purchase (going shopping)

There are many things to be mindful of in life this list is just to get you thinking.

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