Thursday, July 16, 2015

Top 10 Knowledge I Wish I Had Learned Sooner

When you are up all night with that child that can't sleep, start the conversation then. Maybe it will help balance, all the future nights that child will have you up all night and you can't sleep. You will have their attention at an early age. It can't hurt.

When a baby is crying inconsolably, hold them closer and tell them how much you love them and are there for them, maybe it will rub off and stick when they feel alone in later years.

Don't complain too much about weeding the garden and the aching back, enjoy that freedom while you can. Feel fortunate to have weeds to pull and still have the ability to do it.

Be kind to your knees they carry just as much weight as your shoulders, they do keep you moving.

Never submit to a gang mentality. There are good guys and there are bad guys.  Good guys don't gang up on you!

Never underestimate anyone.  We all have hidden talent.

Someone who says its all in your head, is only trying to get in there themselves.

Not all people who claim to represent God represent good.

Forgive and put the onus on the person who carries the grudge or created the wrong.

Appreciate the simply things in life, they seem to last longer.

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