Friday, July 31, 2015

Ten Reasons to Vote in the 161st Special Election

1. I try not to jump on any bandwagons in politics but I have been a consistent voter since I was given the privilege when I turned 18.  I try to form my own opinion by getting the best information possible on the candidates. That sometimes is a difficult thing to do.

2. You have your Republican opinions on one side and Democrats on the other and it just gets messy.

3. I saw Leanne Kruger-Braneky speak at a Sensible Gun Control Rally last year and she impressed me because, she showed up! She lost the election to Hackett that year but she made an appearance so she was on my radar.

4. My first introduction of Paul Mullen besides the signs that were popping up on lawns, was a political pamphlet saying he was not a "true" republican. What exactly is a "true" republican? There are now many Republican faces vying for the lead in Washington? Mullen sided with Barrack Obama, the President of the United States and he's a republican, so there definitely has to be something wrong with him. I never heard of a Republican siding with the President! I'm joking but a little half truth in that. It is a shame we can't whole hardheartedly back our political leaders. We do elect them. We don't have to agree, we should just learn to get along.

5. I give the "Write-In candidate credit for her moxie in standing up to voice that the Republican candidate of choice is not her pick but she could do that at the polls.
I am not faulting her or saying she is a bad person, I really only know what I have read about her. We live in a free society for the most part and she is entitled to enter this race but if a choice is made and you are not the choice, you should support your people and not make it more difficult for your party to succeed. The alternative just tends to muddy the water.

6. In the beginning, I tossed all the pieces of propaganda that graced my mailbox. Now I have a select few. Personally, I wish there was no mention of Republican, Democrat, Tea Party.  Why can't these mailers just say "We the People" and list what they are for. You in turn can ask yourself, what am I for? Then choose your candidate, as simply as that. One stiff cardboard piece of paper not too thick just enough that can be held up by a magnet on the refrigerator. We all spend plenty of time opening and closing the fridge. Maybe a call or two reminding you, election day is coming up.

7. I don't know what I think about the "Sounds of Silence" from candidate Paul Mullen and his unwillingness to attend a debate against a woman.  How many men come out winners there? The Delco Debates were to include two woman against one man? What would you do if you were a man? If I were in touch with my male side I would surely say "busy". It is just funny and doesn't look too good for him to do that but you can see all the candidates interviewed by clicking a link Kristina M. Scala at the Delaware County Daily Times offers as an opportunity to view the candidates not in a debate but speaking to who they are, what they can offer the 161st District. Candidates discuss issues in 161st District race.

8. You are special if you live in the 161st District.  Aston, Brookhaven, Nether Providence,  Rutledge, Ridey Township, Swarthmore and I believe parts of Springfield. We currently have no representative voice (vote) in Harrisburg. Isn't that special? Roughly 62,028 people live in the 161st and 77.9%  are of voting age per There are other "special districts" in Pennsylvania. According to, as of July 2015 eight seats have been vacated in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, six are still unfilled. The 87 and 161 district elections are August 4th.

9. We have 203 State Representative positions in Pennsylvania and we could use all the help we can get in Harrisburg. It is not like we are the only ones, but Pennsylvania has issues!Major issues during the 2015 legislative session include a severance tax on shale gas, pension reforms, liquor privatization, education funding, tax increases, judicial reforms and "the budget". Make your voice heard, choose a candidate and vote on August 4th.

10. Endorsements can be found at oundup/67911/
if things like that interest you.

On social media: The Candidates.

Leanne Kruger-Braneky (Website) (Facebook) was nominated by the Democratic Party

Lisa Esler (Facebook) (I could not find a website, I apologize if there is one) is a Write-In candidate.

Paul Mullen (Website) and (Facebook) 
was nominated by the Republican Party

The Pennsylvania House convenes on August 25 and here is what is on the agenda.

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