Friday, July 31, 2015

Ten Reasons to Vote in the 161st Special Election

1. I try not to jump on any bandwagons in politics but I have been a consistent voter since I was given the privilege when I turned 18.  I try to form my own opinion by getting the best information possible on the candidates. That sometimes is a difficult thing to do.

2. You have your Republican opinions on one side and Democrats on the other and it just gets messy.

3. I saw Leanne Kruger-Braneky speak at a Sensible Gun Control Rally last year and she impressed me because, she showed up! She lost the election to Hackett that year but she made an appearance so she was on my radar.

4. My first introduction of Paul Mullen besides the signs that were popping up on lawns, was a political pamphlet saying he was not a "true" republican. What exactly is a "true" republican? There are now many Republican faces vying for the lead in Washington? Mullen sided with Barrack Obama, the President of the United States and he's a republican, so there definitely has to be something wrong with him. I never heard of a Republican siding with the President! I'm joking but a little half truth in that. It is a shame we can't whole hardheartedly back our political leaders. We do elect them. We don't have to agree, we should just learn to get along.

5. I give the "Write-In candidate credit for her moxie in standing up to voice that the Republican candidate of choice is not her pick but she could do that at the polls.
I am not faulting her or saying she is a bad person, I really only know what I have read about her. We live in a free society for the most part and she is entitled to enter this race but if a choice is made and you are not the choice, you should support your people and not make it more difficult for your party to succeed. The alternative just tends to muddy the water.

6. In the beginning, I tossed all the pieces of propaganda that graced my mailbox. Now I have a select few. Personally, I wish there was no mention of Republican, Democrat, Tea Party.  Why can't these mailers just say "We the People" and list what they are for. You in turn can ask yourself, what am I for? Then choose your candidate, as simply as that. One stiff cardboard piece of paper not too thick just enough that can be held up by a magnet on the refrigerator. We all spend plenty of time opening and closing the fridge. Maybe a call or two reminding you, election day is coming up.

7. I don't know what I think about the "Sounds of Silence" from candidate Paul Mullen and his unwillingness to attend a debate against a woman.  How many men come out winners there? The Delco Debates were to include two woman against one man? What would you do if you were a man? If I were in touch with my male side I would surely say "busy". It is just funny and doesn't look too good for him to do that but you can see all the candidates interviewed by clicking a link Kristina M. Scala at the Delaware County Daily Times offers as an opportunity to view the candidates not in a debate but speaking to who they are, what they can offer the 161st District. Candidates discuss issues in 161st District race.

8. You are special if you live in the 161st District.  Aston, Brookhaven, Nether Providence,  Rutledge, Ridey Township, Swarthmore and I believe parts of Springfield. We currently have no representative voice (vote) in Harrisburg. Isn't that special? Roughly 62,028 people live in the 161st and 77.9%  are of voting age per There are other "special districts" in Pennsylvania. According to, as of July 2015 eight seats have been vacated in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, six are still unfilled. The 87 and 161 district elections are August 4th.

9. We have 203 State Representative positions in Pennsylvania and we could use all the help we can get in Harrisburg. It is not like we are the only ones, but Pennsylvania has issues!Major issues during the 2015 legislative session include a severance tax on shale gas, pension reforms, liquor privatization, education funding, tax increases, judicial reforms and "the budget". Make your voice heard, choose a candidate and vote on August 4th.

10. Endorsements can be found at oundup/67911/
if things like that interest you.

On social media: The Candidates.

Leanne Kruger-Braneky (Website) (Facebook) was nominated by the Democratic Party

Lisa Esler (Facebook) (I could not find a website, I apologize if there is one) is a Write-In candidate.

Paul Mullen (Website) and (Facebook) 
was nominated by the Republican Party

The Pennsylvania House convenes on August 25 and here is what is on the agenda.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ten Senior Benefits and Discounts

Wednesday seems to be a special day for seniors. According to their website Kohl's, offers a  discount day for those over 55 on Wednesdays and Wednesday is Senior Discount Day at Good Will ask for age that qualifies. There are so many others, it doesn't cost anything to ask.

Entertainment :The movie ticket senior discount is a couple of bucks less. Not all theaters will honor this, you will have to ask and the age may vary and amusement park might give you a break as well, starting at age 55.

AARP members get discounts on lots of stuff check it out. Membership is $16 per year and anyone 50 or older can join. Membership includes your partner for free!

National Park Lifetime Senior Pass Initial Fee $10 and every one else in your car gets free admission.  Flash that senior card for free admission to all National Parks after that and the party in the car is FREE too. Going to a National Park?  Don't forget your senior. Aged 62 or older.

Some transportation companies provide discounts to senior citizens including Amtrak, Greyhound and some airlines. (check websites for details or call and ask).

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program serves more than 4 million seniors. Only 42 percent of eligible elderly individuals participate in SNAP, compared to 83 percent for all eligible people. USDA has worked to decrease participation barriers for older Americans by simplifying the application and recertification processes and providing additional accommodations for elderly and disabled participants. You can obtain more information about this at US Food and Nutritional website. Even if you are not a senior, you may know or be related to someone who can benefit from these services.  It is good information and worth the read. 

Free Tax Return Preparation for Qualifying Taxpayers
The Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) program offers free tax help for all taxpayers, particularly those who are 60 years of age and older, specializing in questions about pensions and retirement-related issues unique to seniors. The IRS-certified volunteers who provide tax counseling are often retired individuals associated with non-profit organizations such as AARP Tax-Aide, that receive grants from the IRS. (found at

The website offers information on applying for Social Security benefits, Medicare benefits and also offers Healthy Aging suggestions at

Today July 30, marks the 50th Anniversary of the day President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicare and Medicaid benefits into law. This year also marks the 80th anniversary of the Social Security Act.

Here is a link to the FACT SHEET on the July 2015 White House Conference of Aging and newly proposed improvements for our seniors.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ten Ways the Delaware County Literacy Council (DCLC) has Succeeded

Photo Credit: N. Morris

On July 16th the Delaware County Literacy Council celebrated their 40th Anniversary, an established accomplishment.

DCLC Executive Director Kate McGeever Hyzer accepts a County Resolution honoring the Literacy Council, as Dick Linderman and Rick Durante of the DCLC Board of Directors and Michael Culp of Delaware County Council look on.

Students Desire to Achieve

Tutors and  volunteers willingness to serve

DCLC Student Carey Burns presents GED Instructor Gwen Cottman with flowers in honor of her retirement.  Gwen taught evening GED classes at DCLC for 30 years.

Donors willing to contribute 

Continual  community support
PA Representative Margo Davidson and Superintendent of Upper Darby Police Michael Chitwood were two of the VIPs serving cake at the Community Party celebrating the Literacy Council's 40 years of providing free literacy services to local adults.

730 Students Served (2013-14)

43,095 Instructional Hours (2013-14)

202 Volunteers (always room for more) (2013-14)

35 GED Graduates (2013-14)

36 New Citizens  (2013-14)

Delaware County Literacy Council is a free service to the community that offers help to adults seeking their GED and offers immigrants the opportunity to learn to read and write in English.

Funding in part is supplied by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, but donations are always welcome and appreciated.  DCLC is currently running a fundraising campaign, check this link for more information and this link to donate.

Drop-in enrollment for new students will be held August 3 through August 6, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at 2217 Providence Avenue, Chester PA 19013. If you know anyone who would benefit from these services, they can drop in to the Literacy Council on those days or call 610-876-4811 for more information.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ten Ways to Observe Venus and Mars

We have all said it,  have we not?  It's a guy thing. How many men have shook their head, thrown their hands up in the air, and said, Women!

The term planet is ancient, with ties to history, science, mythology, and religion

1. Venus is the second planet from the Sun, is a scientific fact.

2. One day on Venus lasts more than half a year, I believe a man from Mars said that and it could be a myth.

3. The third brightest in the sky behind the sun and the moon. you guessed it Venus! This has to be a fact.

4. Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Myth?  I think not, fact.

5. Hottest Planet in the Solar System, Venus! This  is a scientific fact.

6. Venus spins opposite of all the other planets. The sun rises in the west and sets in the east. Who is to say this is not the correct way, Mars?

7. Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second smallest planet in the Solar System.

8. Mars is named after the Roman god of war, it is often referred to as the "Red Planet" because the iron oxide on its surface gives it a reddish appearance.

9. Mars has the largest dust storms in the universe, a scientific fact.

10. In 1900, a 100,000 Franc prize was offered to anyone who could communicate with Alien life.  Mars was exempted because it was not considered a challenge to communicate with Mars. I saw this listed on a YouTube presentation 10 Fascinating Facts About Mars. I don't want to get into any trouble with the warrior but this might be true.

NASA has many scientific facts about all the planets. The book Men Are From Mars and Women are From Venus just references the two planets. 

Venus and Mars are both terrestrial planets and then, there is the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, by author John Gray.

Here are the chapter headings with a brief portion of the contents, you can find more at,_Women_Are_From_Venus

Chapter 1: Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
It is important to remember that men and women have reciprocally different natures. Men and women need to appreciate these differences, and cease expecting each other to act and feel the way they do.

Chapter 2: Mr. Fix-It and the Home Improvement Committee
Men love to have their abilities recognized and appreciated, and hate to have them scorned or ignored; women love to have their feelings recognized and appreciated, and hate to have them scorned or ignored. 
Chapter 3: Men Go to Their Caves and Women Talk
When faced with tough problems, men become non-communicative so they can work out how best to help themselves, while women become communicative so that others can work out how best to help them. 
Chapter 4: How to Motivate the Opposite Sex
A man's instinct is to look after himself, even if it means sacrificing others; a woman's instinct is to look after others, even if it means sacrificing herself.

Chapter 5: Speaking Different Languages  
Men talk in very literal terms for the purpose of relaying information; women employ artistic license and dramatic vocabulary to fully express and relate their feelings. I can't speak for all women but this is probably true.

Chapter 6: Men Are Like Rubber Bands 
Men periodically bolt for cover when they suddenly fear that their self-sufficiency is becoming threatened.
Chapter 7: Women Are Like Waves     
Women periodically sink into a depression when they feel it is time for emotional cleansing and resolution. At these times they may become utterly negative in their outlook, dwelling on every problem which troubles them, including long-standing ones which will generally have been raised and addressed before, and if they cannot find any real issues to concentrate on, then they will find some random other things to worry about.

Chapter 8: Discovering Our Different Emotional Needs 
Men and women need to remember that the emotional needs of the opposite sex are not the same as their own. Providing our partners with the wrong type of emotional needs will not be greatly appreciated.

Chapter 9: How To Avoid Arguments 
Communication between relationship partners should be loving and respectful; verbal attacks by contrast are highly destructive. It is often not so much what is said that causes the damage, but the tone of voice and body language which accompanies it.

Chapter 10: Scoring Points with the Opposite Sex  
Men feel loved if their efforts at giving are appreciated; women feel loved according to what they receive. For women, loving someone means knowing and attending to their needs without waiting to be asked, and so a loved person should never have to ask for anything as their needs ought to be anticipated ahead of time. 

and there is more.... 

For the record, I have not read the book and there have been many who dispute its findings, and not all women. He certainly does make some valid points and I am not from Mars. There is still plenty of time to make this a must summer read.

Now we have Pluto.  
I can't wait to see who is from there. 
Stay tuned! 
Is it kids!!

Top 10 Summer Checklist

Take a Vacation

A day at the beach

Start a new novel or finally read that classic.

Visit a historical house in Delaware County (we have many). Check the Delco Times for dates and times open.

Movie Night or afternoon (check your local library) Rent cheap or watch at the library.

Go camping in the back yard ( of course there is the weather to consider and bugs and stuff). We must not have had weather or bugs when I was little, I loved camping in the back yard.

Summer concerts are everywhere or you could simply wash and wax your car in the driveway and crank up the music.  This is not a popular pastime anymore either.  Check for local concert listings, some are FREE!

I have been craving s'mores.  It could be the lineup just as you walk into the Acme but man, I could really go for one. At the very least a totally burnt marshmallow would make me smile.

Linvilla is always a great place to take the kids and wander around even if there isn't a special event but they do have a few coming up and getting a bag of Apple Cider donuts counts as a special event to me.  You can't do that every day!

Making lemonade does involve lots of sugar but you can still make lemonade water. "They" say it can help to trim you down for those of us who have not donned a bikini yet.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Top 10 Plus Things to Do Week of July 27

July 27 The Special Olympics World Games opened in Los Angeles, CA on July 25.  You can follow the games at ESPN and ESPN 2. Click here for the schedule. Closing ceremonies on August 2nd 6 p.m. PT and 9 p.m. ET

July 28 Marcus Hook Summer Music Festival  "Lights Out" a tribute to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons! The concert starts at 7 p.m. The concert is free! Designer's Touch Wooden Roses will be there along with Pure Romance, Pink Zebra, Avon and more!

July 28, 2015 Hale-Byrnes House En Plein Air Artists More Information
All artists and aspiring artists cordially invited. Come for coffee and paint all day! Contact: Emily Reed at

July 29 Dining Under the Stars in downtown Media, PA.

July 29 - August 2 Delaware County Summer Festival at Rose Tree Park.

July 30 Penn Environment Beat the Heat Free Ice Cream Rally in Philadelphia. 
Click on the link  to register for time and location.

July 30 Toasts and Tunes Wine Tasting at Tyler Arboretum.  Wine sampling courtesy of Moore Brothers and seasonal hors-d'oeuvres along with the music of guitarist and vocalist Bob Croce 6 p.m to 8 p.m. Suitable for adults 21 and older; pre-registration required by calling Joanne Landau at 610-566-9134, ext. 215; limited capacity; first come, first served; $25 members, $30 non-members; rain or shine.

July 30 -August 2 BlackStar Film Festival in Philadelphia.  See a list of films.

July 31 Franklin Square 9th Birthday Celebration at Franklin Square Join Ben Franklin as he blows out the candles for the Square’s birthday celebration with some fun free activities. 11 a.m.

July 31 Paranormal Fridays at Fort Mifflin 7 p.m. to Midnight reservations required. 

July 31 Nolan Kennedy opening for Nick Kane at R P McMurphy's 2623 MacDade Blvd. 8 p.m. You can check out Nolan's music at or better yet see him live Friday night!. His debut album, The Honesty Theory is available on iTunes:

July 31 to August 2 Riverfront Blues Festival in Wilmington Delaware

August 1  American Revolution Round Table of Northern Delaware at Hale-Byrnes House in Newark, DE.   Speaker: John J. McLaughlin,"Black Loyalists in the American Revolution" $5 at the door includes coffee and  dessert 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

August 2 American Idol Tryouts in Philadelphia, PA Liacouras Center located on the Temple University campus along North Broad Street in North Philadelphia.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Top 10 Reasons to take a Vacation Day

If you measure the summer as beginning on Memorial Day and ending on Labor Day, as of last Friday the summer was half way over. Do you need a vacation?

The weather is perfect

Clear the cob webs

Take a hike

Just Because

Celebrate something special, Like You!

The Beach calls and invites you.

It's Your Birthday

Enjoy life a little

Let the day surprise you

Take a trip

Not to be confused with a "sick day" but if you have run out of "vacation days" in the middle of the summer that is "just sick".  Take it,  just don't broadcast it on Facebook.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Top 10 Things That Beep At You

It used to be only select people carried beepers. Now beepers are beeping all of us.

Car Horns


Leave a message after the...

Lock car

Open Car

Truck backing up beep beep

The Roadrunner

Crossing the street 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 beep

You crossed that line




 Kitchen Timer

Service Engine Soon

Toaster Oven

Smoke Detector

Your table is ready

Gas almost empty (don't take chances)

Pancake machine at hotels

Espresso done


You have a cell phone message
You've got mail

Bad words on prime time tv  (technically a bleep)

Security Alarms (someone didn't remove the tag)

Scanner at the supermarket

That random beeping your computer does if you keep hitting the keys when it doesn't respond.  I think it means,will you....relax.

How many times have you been beeped at today?I know I missed quite a few.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Top 10 Plus The Breaks

Spring, Summer or Winter




Break in Action (Time out)

Breakers (waves)


Break ups

Break In

Break out

Breaking news

Break in the weather

Water Break

Half Time Break


Page Break

Price Break



Break a leg

Break a nail

Back Breaking

Gimme a .....

 I was aggressively doing the laundry and unbeknownst to me washed my cell phone in with the sheets. I am currently soaking it in rice, a supposed cure.  I hope it did not completely break. : ( but breaks do happen.  I loved my Droid, should I get a new IPhone so I can send and receive pictures from all who have IPhones? I think I have reached my breaking point.