Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Top 10 May Health Awareness 2015

1. Arthritis Awareness Month An estimated 50 million U.S. adults (about 1 of 5) report doctor-diagnosed arthritis. 2015 Walk to Cure Arthritis FDR Park (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) 20th and Pattison Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. Sunday, May 31, 2015, registration opens at 8:30 a.m. Walk Begins at 10:00 a.m.

2. Asthma and Allergy Month 1 in 12 adults and 1 in 11 children have asthma, staggering amounts with more information at the CDC website. I don't think many of us need to be reminded it is allergy month, a large percentage of the population is sneezing right now or are driving around in a heavily pollen populated vehicles. I've heard  on the local news broadcast oak and elm are the contributing factors. Here is a link to Data, Statistics and Surveillance by the CDC. According to the Philadelphia ranks 5th on the list of   "The Most Challenging Places to Live with Asthma"

3. Hepatitis Awareness
The word ‘hepatitis’ means inflammation of the liver. Toxins, certain drugs, heavy alcohol use, bacterial and viral infections can all cause hepatitis. This description was found at the American Liver Foundation website.  Upcoming local events can be found there including:
May 16, 2015 Autoimmune Liver Disease and You 9:00 a.m.,  at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia - Directions.
May 21, 2015 Hepatitis C Seminar 6:00 p.m.,  at Hahnemann Hospital - Directions
FREE Hepatitis C Education Seminar for patients and their families Contact: Ivory Allison | 215-425-8080.
May 26, 2015 American Liver Foundation, Mid-Atlantic Division Spirit Night
6:00 p.m., Dave and Busters, Philadelphia - Directions

Click on the links for additional information on
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Hepatitis D 
Hepatitis E

4. Huntington Disease Team Hope Walk and 5k Run on Saturday, May 16th, 2015 at The Navy Yard, Philadelphia, PA. Walk to support the mission of HDSA to improve the lives of everyone with Huntington’s disease!

5. Walk to End Lupus Now  Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can affect the heart, lungs, kidneys and skin. You can take a quiz to know more about Lupus at the website. There are several fundraising events coming up the most current is in Ocean City (5/17) , New Jersey followed by Wilmington (6/28) and in October (10/25)  Philadelphia.  Check the link for complete details and take the quiz if you don't know Lupus and $1 will be donated to Lupus research.  I have known two people with Lupus. Lupus is known at the cruel mystery.

6. Mental Health Awareness  Thomas Insel: Toward a new understanding of Mental Illness lecture at During the talk he mentions that there are 38,000 suicides every year, about one every 15 minutes, the third most common cause of death among 15 - 25year olds.  It is twice as common as homicide and more common than traffic fatalities.  Ninety percent of these suicides are related to mental illness.

7. Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month. It is a neurological disorder that can affect the brain, spinal cord, nerves and skin. Neurofibromatosis causes tumors to grow anywhere on or in the body.
June 27, 2015 is the Philadelphia, PA NF Walk. You can join the Children's Tumor Foundation at Doylestown Central Park for the fourth annual walk.

8. Osteoporosis Awareness Month  According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation website, osteoporosis means “porous bone.” If you look at healthy bone under a microscope, you will see that parts of it look like a honeycomb. If you have osteoporosis, the holes and spaces in the honeycomb are much bigger than they are in healthy bone.
Learn about Osteoporosis from the National Foundation website.

Fact Sheets:

9. Skin cancer awareness, skin cancer is the most common of all cancers. I am not as vigilant with these checkups as I should be. I recently made an appointment with a dermatologist office in early April and the closest date I could get was mid-June and there are 6 doctors in this practice! I like to spend time outdoors especially in warmer weather and I do not always use sunblock. I believe there are new rules about what needs to be included on the labels of sunblock and I noticed that 50 seems to be the most popular and 70 is now making it to the marketplace. I found a program called SPOTme® Skin Cancer Screening at the AAD (Academy of American Dermatologist) website and it is available all over the country locally Main Line Health and Riddle Hospital are partners. Check on the link for all available locations. I believe appoints are free but many require appointments.  The website also has a downloadable body mole map.

10. Stroke Awareness and spotting the symptoms.  Get help F A S T,   F ace drooping A rm weakness S peech difficulty T ime to call 911 time matters read about tPA. "before" you are faced with a critical decision.  

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