Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Top 10 Ways to Balance with Nature on Earth Day

Is it the smell of the salt air as you cross the bridge from the mainland to the island?

Do you need a hug? Wait for the welcoming embrace of the arms of the bay.

It could be the American flag that waves from the towering construction crane. No worries the congestion will soon be gone and you will have your freedom.

1. Word is out but I have learned to share. On the one end of the island it was quiet and peaceful.  It is where you can observe people pausing to take a moment to absorb the beauty.....

 and watch the surfers.

Yes that water is cold.

If you are going in, dress accordingly.

2. Exciting news the restroom at Holgate is returning and almost complete and the Acme construction seems to be in its last phase. There are wonderful restaurants in town but you can't eat out everyday, of course you can but what about the snacks! I do miss the only movie theater on the island and worry about the fate of the Surflight Theater but it looks like the LBI Lighthouse International Film Festival June 4-7 will still use that space.

3. My dune grass planting is entering into its 2nd year.  It is not the tallest or strongest looking one but I can guarantee it was planted with love and he is coming along just great. He's family so I have
to take his picture each season as he grows. Mine is on the left side in the front.  It was the last one planted that is how I know.

4. If you like action, head on down to the other end of the island.

5. It has action film setting written all over it. Check out the high flyer. Yikes can you imagine that! He was pretty close but I still could not tell if that was Snoopy or the Red Baron. All that was identifiable, he was having a good time

6. The boardwalk is unique, there are no shops but it is always busy. What more would you need to shop for at the beach anyway? Right, snacks and bait are necessities, you will have to come prepared. Sunscreen is also recommended especially on a gorgeous sunny day like this was.

7. You will need a license to fish but the fish are free. Someone asked this gentleman what kind of fish can you catch here, and he replied, "I don't know, it is my first time" and he smiled. That is the beauty of the island.

8. The most loyal subject on the island, Ole Barney.  There he stands as a welcoming symbol to all who know and love the island.

9. No big secret here, I get my balance at the beach.  Try it, you are going to like it.

10. If you play nice with nature, she plays nice back. Kindergarten 101.

How about you?  
Where on Earth can you find your balance?

Let's protect this precious commodity we have and all her brilliant features, heaven right here on earth.

Happy Earth Day 2015. 

Remember April showers bring May flowers.  

It's all good.

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