Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Top 10 Tips of World Health Day

The 2015 Theme of World Health Day is "Farm to Plate, Keep Food Safe".

There is an app for that, the USDA offers an app for Android and Apple products that will help reduce food waste by showing users how to store foods properly, and reminding them to use items before they are likely to spoil," said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. "This can help consumers save money and reduce the amount of safe food going to landfills." The application is available for Android and Apple devices.

What do you do to reduce food waste? Cleaning your plate is one solution but overeating can create another.

Only buy what you need.  Unless you are buying for a crowd, buying in bulk will only result in spoilage and waste.

Read directions to handle food safely by washing before and after you handle raw meats. Wash your hands before you eat too! We seem to have gotten away from this good hygiene habit. Did you wash your hands?

Storing food properly is another issue once you get it home. Should the food be stored at room temperature or in the crisper.  What do those little sliding gadgets on the front of those drawers mean anyway?

Pay attention to the "use by" date stamped on the package or freeze the meat. The app offered by the USDA can send you a reminder, with so many other details to remember in life you can clear your head of when that roast HAS to be cooked by.

Grow your own vegetable garden or reach for the organic. Growing your own can insure what chemicals and hopefully there are no chemicals have been sprayed on the food that you eat.

Antibiotics and the "superbug" can be another issue. More and more you read about antibiotic resistant disease and this appears to be caused by the over use of antibiotics not only by over subscribed but also obtaining traces from the food we eat.

It is certainly is not economical or even feasible to go to the market daily and buy exactly what you need to prepare nice healthy meals for your family but wouldn't it be nice to buy fresh. I often see people examining produce and some days it is just weak looking.

Bogos (buy one get one) make me a little crazy.  I love the price but often I can't use the second one fast enough. Instead of buy 2 for $5, why can't you just buy 1 for $2.50.  It should work like that but it doesn't. I also think it is not easy for a person and many times, seniors to shop for one. I think there is room for improvement there. Smaller quantities in smaller easy to open packages.

Here is a link to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services blog on World Health Day Focus on Food Safety on World Health Day Apr 07, 2015 By: Howard Seltzer, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In my house:

Top 10 Things that can Spoil and quickly

Strawberries have to be eaten almost immediately in my house or a fuzzy one soon develops in the bottom of my container.

Blueberries will shrivel up before they get fuzzy.

Bread mold always reminds me of the science experiment we did in my primary grade years.  It was cool that, now I almost cringe just touching the bag.

Milk if not used on a daily bases can turn sour and once you have a taste of that you will watch your dates.

Clementines in blue and green should be passed up.  They should have a nice orange glow and not be hard as rocks.

Peppers go soft within a few days, maybe you can keep them a week.

Lemons once they are cut seem to fade quickly in the fridge.  You can slice them and make a cool refreshing drink to use them up, and also freshen up the garbage disposal not to waste or toss in the trash.

Cheese will last a while but I don't recommend eating or even slicing off the bad spots and eating the rest.  I only did that once, it was expensive cheese.

Onions can made lovely house plants or an addition to the garden once it grows shoots but i would refrain from eating at this point.

Potatoes grow additional eyes and once they go soft they should be tossed.

Bananas go brown and get spots.  You can always make banana bread with the mushy ones.

I read not too long ago that if one piece of fruit in a group has mold on it there is a good chance the whole pack is bad. Blueberries and strawberries seem to be my worst contenders for who will spoil first.  It frustrates me because I not only dislike wasting food, I also dislike throwing the money away.

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