Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Top 10 Travelers weathering the storm.

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Recently when y'all were getting a taste of winter I was headed south and here is a list of my companions and a few who were not so lucky weathering the storm. Weather conditions were most treacherous in North Carolina.  I have never seen a car encased in ice before, after that sunshine, green grass and flowers in bloom.  Spring is on its way! I saw it in the south.

1. A couple heading north to Maryland coming from Myrtle Beach inquired about the weather.

 2. A Vermont couple with a driver wearing a bright yellow golf sweater, this was a good sign and a hopeful couple.

3. An older fellow from Florida driving alone, perhaps a widower. He was a good 6 hours from his destination if he was headed home.

4. Jean's bus SVC I had never heard of before so I looked it up.  They are out of South Carolina and carry precious cargo.

5. A convey of horse trailers is not so unlikely on Interstate 95 heading south but all the drivers were female. I thought that impressive, it is Women's History Month, perhaps they were on their way to making history.

6. We crossed paths with a couple from Connecticut who has been trying to get away from the New England weather for three weeks, they were headed to Florida.

7. Church ladies all dolled up in their Sunday best with fancy hats to marvel the Downton Abbey crowd.

8. I am calling him Joe Golfer because he had a golf cart on the trailer he was hauling. I suppose some resorts it is a BYO.

9. Truckers galore, one Perdue trailer mentioning that they are a participant in the Wreaths Across America program. I motioned a thumbs up to them! Another truck on the road posted an eye catching reminder, "Our Most Valuable Resource Sits 63 Feet Ahead".

10. Two ladies were on the road with Tweety Bird swinging from their mirror. It could have been Thelma and Louise or Lucy and Ethel, obviously ladies day out and about.

Flying J in South Carolina took the prize for best gas prices.

Cars and trucks came from up and down the eastern seaboard, north the furthermost being Canada and Florida represented the deep south. Travel is a constant reminder that you do not own the road, you are sharing it with someone's grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle and best friend.  Probably the worst looking accident we passed was debris spread all over the highway. A trailer hooked on to the back of a mini van must have tumbled or been hit and it flipped knocking all the possessions onto the highway.  It looked as it the passengers of all three vehicles involved were walking about without injury but an older woman was approaching all the things strewn about with the most distraught look on her face.


This story does have a happy ending and I hope all those involved in the accidents have better days.

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