Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Delco Top 10 March Madness Predictions

Now I wouldn't run off and bet the farm on my predictions BUT as we all know with March Madness it is anyone's guess.

10. Round One Survivors: Kentucky, Purdue, W. Virginia, Maryland, Butler, Notre Dame, Indiana, Kansas, Wisconsin, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, North Carolina, BYU, Baylor, Ohio State, Arizona other side of grid Villanova, North Carolina State, Wyoming, Louisville, Provdence, Oklahoma, Georgia, Virginia, Duke, San Diego State,Utah, Georgetown, SMU, Iowa State, Davidson, Gonzaga

9. Round Two Survivors: Purdue (upset) ,  Maryland,  Notre Dame, Kansas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Baylor,  Arizona Villanova, Louisville, Provdence, , Georgia,Duke, Georgetown, SMU, Gonzaga

8. MidWest Maryland vs Notre Dame

7. West North Carolina vs Baylor

6. East Villanova vs Povidence

5. South Georgetown vs Gonzaga

4. East-South Villanova vs Georgetown

3. Midwest-West Maryland vs Baylor

2. Maryland vs Villanova

1. Best Team

I reserve the winner predictions because I know who I want to win and I save the spot for the true winner.

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