Friday, February 27, 2015

Top 10 Wondering About the Downton Abbey Season Finale

What do you expect? Questions, questions??

Will this one end tragically?  I am still not over what they did to Matthew Crawley.

Who will walk down the aisle next? Will it be Violet the Dowager? How about the doctor and Isobel?

Is Mary getting too snarky for a suitor? Are there any more distant "rich" cousins in the wings?  That may sweeten her up!

Will Tom really go to America? Does he have a new project? Forget Edith and Mary, I'll miss him.  He needs a girl, maybe a nice American girl.  Any interest in an Irishman ladies?

Which actor/actress will you spot in different television shows or movies in the off season? Which actor appeared in one of the Oscar nominated films this year? Hint the movie was Imitation Game. Not to give that away but his character will shock you.

Who is your favorite character? Favorite couple? Carson and Mrs. Hughes belong together but the dialog between them and the spark between them would be missed if they got married and lived happily ever after but they really are a couple in many aspects of the show.

Is Thomas, Mr. Barrow the footman, not to be confused with Tom "Branson" the former chauffeur turned family member getting nice? I almost liked him helping out the new "temporary" recruit with the gambling issue. Nice move.

Do you miss O'Brien? Maybe she killed the rapist. How about the Dowager's new ladies maid?  She needs a Donald Trump moment, "You're Fired". I like her interaction with the butler Spratt the brat. I thought he was the problem but seems she's not very nice either. Denker is a drinker!

Are all the blondes subject to sadness and hard luck? Edith? Anna? Tom? Matthew? Is Rose safe? She is currently the lead role in Disney's Cinderella. It is not out yet, it opens March 13th. She does seem to be charming. See the Disney  Cinderella Trailer on YouTube. Anna  (Joanne Froggatt) did win the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Supporting role so maybe all her drama is just and act.  I was happy for her. You can't help but like her. I spotted Tom (Allen Leech) and Edith (Laura Carmichael) at the awards table with her for support! Where was Bates? Isn't that always a question?

I hope Rose stays local after getting married and I hope her nasty mother moves far, far away. Visitor's to the mansion do not get as much screen time with the exception of Isobel and the Dowager. You can see both of them in upcoming movieThe Second Best Marigold Exotic Hotel, you can spot a lot of familiar faces in this movie including, Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire and Newsroom) and Richard Gere still sexy after all these years and Judi Dench returns.

Tune in for the Season Finale Sunday on PBS! If you suffer from DA withdraw symptoms when the season ends, I have some picture from the great Downton Costume Exhibit at Winterthur, if you missed it at this link. 

 Many libraries across the country are having teas to celebrate the season.  Tickets are going fast so if you see one advertised grab that ticket in a lady-like manner. Go and gossip, these people leave a lot to talk about! Dress accordingly with hat and gloves of course.


Highclere Castle and Garden is having a drawing. See if you can answer the questions.  Click around the website to see more about the history of the location where Downton Abbey is filmed.  They offer tours to the public too!

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