Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top 10 SNL 40 Best Moments

The very first host of SNL was George Carlin.

1. Mom jeans commercial, I am still laughing at it.

2. Kenan Thompson portraying Bill Cosby mixing his favorite drink.

3. I still think Tina Fey plays a better Sarah Palin than the original.

4. The Larry David  - Jerry Seinfeld exchange. I didn't know Larry David wrote for SNL and I didn't know Brian Williams was on the first season.  Oh!  Seinfeld got me. Very funny subtle way of sharing NBC family love.

5. The opening with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake was phenomenal and it was great see Debbie Downer and Superstar.

6.  The writers of the Jeopardy skits deserve an Emmy Award and the actors who portrayed Sean Connery "Whore ads" - "Who reads" and "Le tits now" - " Let it snow" and the portrayals of Burt Reynolds, Tony Bennett, Justin Bieber and Jim Carrey nailed Matthew MccConaughey.  I liked Carrey's shout out for Brian Williams on the blue carpet too. I felt he wasn't throwing him under the bus like the rest of the world, he was acknowledging him as a person, just my take.

7. Best musical guest?  They were all unique in their own way but surprisingly I have to give it to Miley Cyrus. I know nothing about the girl except what I hear on EXTRA EXTRA and all the other gossip on the Internet. She can SING!! I loved her version of Paul Simon's 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover. Beyonce was good too! What? That was Maya Rudolph, she was great.

8. Biggest Star turnout I will have to go for a tie Jack Nicholson and Robert DeNiro both classy gentlemen. I am not counting audience members or previous cast members. I wished Eddie Murphy spoke more or did one of his famous characters.  He was one who always made me laugh.

9. Previous cast members that shined "Gilda will always be Golden in my book"  Emma Stone did her proud.

10. I liked how they acknowledged the crew, the writers and the band.

I didn't remember that Mayor Rudy Juliani told Loren Michaels it was so important for the show to go on after 911 and they did.  It was a great clip to revisit. Live in New York! It's Saturday Night!

In case you missed it the SNL 40 Top 10

10. Live Show
9. Satire
8. Saturday Night Dead
7. Catchphrases
6. Musical Guests
5. Kayne Sit Down!
4. Opening Credits
3. After Show Orgies Wigs
2. Lorne Michaels
1. The Crew

Here are "some" of the people either seen on the red carpet, on stage, clips or in the audience.

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon
Debbie Downer and Superstar
Steve Martin
Tom Hanks
Alec Baldwin
Melissa McCarthy
Chris Rock
Peyton Manning
Miley Cyrus
Billy Crystal
Paul McCartney
Paul Simon
John Belushi
Chevy Chase
Steve Martin with the arrow throw his head
George Harrison (all the Beatles except John have appeared on SNL)
Eddie Murphy as Buckwheat "O Tay"
Pee We Herman
The Church Lady
Baba WaWa
Chris Farley
More Cowbell
Britany Spears
Tina Fey - Sarah Palin
Steven Spielberg
Dan Aykroyd
Buck Henry
Pump You Up
Jeopardy Game
Sean Connery(character)
Justin Bieber (character)
Tony Bennett (character)
Burt Reynolds(character)
Christopher Walken
Matthew McConaughey(character)
Jim Carrey
Bill Cosby (character)
Kenan Thompson
Gilda Radnor
Robert DeNiro
Mayor Koch
Alicia Keys
Keith Richards
Paul McCartney
John McEnroe
Jack Nicholson
Political Characters
Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford
Dan Aykroyd
Hartman as Clinton
Dana Carvey as George H. W. Bush
Ross Perot
Bob Dole
Will Ferrell at George W, Bush
Gore vs Bush debate
Lock Box vs Strateegery
Dick Cheney
Barrack Obama
the real Barrack Obama
Soapnet The Californians
Bradley Cooper
Kerry Washington
Taylor Swift
Betty White
Tina, Amy, Jane
11 Films have been made from SNL skits or ideas
Rosanna Dana
Emma Stone
Ed Norton
Seth Myers
Melissa McCarthy
Jane You Ignorant Slut
John Belushi as Liz Taylor
Chevy Chase
Jim Signorelli
George Lucas
Randy Nemn
Martin Short
Beyonce (character)
Michael Douglass
Catherine Zeta Jones
Dana Carvey
Derek Stevens
Adam Sandler
Steve Martin (King Tut)
Bill Murray (Nick Ocean)
Paul Schaeffer
Blues Brothers
Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi
Louie C. K.
Chris Rock
Eddie Murphy
Chappelle seen on the red carpet he was hoping to see Eddie Murphy
Dick Ebersol
Derek Jeter
Peyton Manning
Sports Stars clips
Tom Brady
 LeBron James
Wayne Gretsky
Yogi Berre
Dennis Rodan
Charles Barkley
Michael Jordan
Mike Ditka
Joe Montana
Michael Phelps
Candence Bergen
Jon Lovitz
Miley Cyrus
Jerry Seinfeld
John Goodman
James Franco
Larry David
Ellen Cleghorne
Dakota Johnson
Tim Meadows
Kevin Kline (one of my favorites)
Bob Odenkirk
Sarah Palin
Donald Trump
Ellen Baskin
Tracey Morgan
Christopher Walken
Kanye West
Louis C. K.
short films
Mr. Bill
Lindsay Lohan
Ed Norton as Owen Wilson
Bruno Mars
More stars
Zak Galanfankas
Andy Sandberg
Adam Sandler
Bill Hader
Don Rickles
Bill Murry
John Belushi
Elizabeth K.
Al Siegal
Don Prado
Andy Kaufman

If I repeated a name they were shown more than once and if I skipped someone, they were there I just missed jotting them down.  The 40th Anniversary is On Demand and fun to watch! See ho you will spot.

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