Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Top 10 Wednesday's World Without Wi-Fi

My cousin sent me this YouTube video and it just made me contemplated a year or maybe just a day in a life. Thoughts? What do you think while watching it?


That is a lot of traffic.

Where are the traffic signals?

Are those cars really stopping for people? Great breaking skills.

Is this video real or the game frogger?

Those people are crazy.

Those people are confident.

Those people are trusting.

Is this what a world without rules is like?

People can actually think for themselves and get by?

It certainly does make you wonder. We all make these decisions every day, in a fast paced world.

Can you imagine adding cell phone use to any of these drivers or pedestrians? Of course it would be near impossible to ever see this video without Wi-Fi or a time lapse.

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