Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Top 10 Things You Can Do With Wi-Fi Off

Sort paperwork and purge. Stay a step ahead of tax preparations.

Listen to music and  review a new CD - Lucinda Williams did not disappoint me. I love her new one.

Read a newspaper or read a book.

Do a crossword puzzle or soduku challenge the brain.

Write with a pencil and use an eraser or pen something at the same time admire your Palmer Method it is a disappearing fad.  You have a unique skill.

Prep for a work project make a flow chart on paper.  You can plant a tree in the spring or fall to replace the paper.

Clear cache a new way of saying clear the cobwebs and clear your mind.  Take a brisk walk it works every time.

Undecorate - take down decorations and set the mood for a new season. Red is still in but hearts trump all other decorations.  Feel the love and Keep It Simple Stupid, one of my favorite sayings.

An intimate dinner meaning, no cell phone! Leave it behind for an hour or two wean yourself. I wouldn't want to send anyone into tech shock. During a meal with a mate and family, shut it off, it is more appetizing.

Be mindful and meditate get in touch with you calm.

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