Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Top 10 Things That Mysteriously Accumulate

Snow, it can happen overnight!

Junk Mail the old fashion way, in your mailbox.

Spam and sexual innuendo from people you never heard of.  You know not to open those right?

Hangers in all sizes and shapes.  I remember "1" time buying a six pack, they all matched.  Did the pro-create?

Gloves that don't match with the finger chewed off.  Who does that?

The fuzz aka lint in the dryer screen.  How are there possibly any fibers left on some fabrics? They shed bad.

Dishes in the sink.  Who had a party in my house overnight?  I didn't hear anything.

Dust accumulates on everything. Where does it come from?

Wrinkles and new lines on your face.  I counted, that was not there yesterday!

Pounds are not your friend and neither is the scale. How can you possibly fluctuate 3 pounds in one day and it ain't deflating?  If it were, I would weigh myself every 15 minutes.

Things can just happen mysteriously.

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