Thursday, January 22, 2015

Top 10 Things That Go Missing

Glasses, if you don't wear them yet, you can not relate.  The rest of us know you definitely have to keep an eye on them. Mine love to hide on the top of my head.  Its a little game we play and it is always the last place I look.  You would think I would know by now.

Tupperware lids, they left the house together. Why don't they return together?

Spoons are the most used utensils right?  You us them to stir the beverage, slurp the soup and finish them off with most desserts.  It is much easier to scarp a dessert dish with a spoon. Usually I can find the spoons on the dishwasher, in a perfect world, once under the cushion of the sofa.

Peeler is an important tool in the kitchen. Mine miraculously hops drawers. I place it in the same drawer every time after use but every time I go to use it is not there.

Keys typically have a mind set all their own, sometimes I wonder if they delay your departure on purpose.

Hat and Gloves the perfect couple, yet they are never found together

Boots are foul weather friends, perhaps if we treat them with more respect and give them a proper spot.

Thoughts traveling from floor to floor.  What did I come up here for? Ah, exercise.

Washboard Abs, no worries here.  We all had them at one time, just enjoy yours while you have them.

Words are sometimes very hard to find but hopefully when you really need them they will show up.

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