Thursday, January 8, 2015

Top 10 Singing Elvis Songs on What would have been his 80th Birthday

Top of the Chart Across the Board #1-5
Pop Country and Rhythm and Blues

1. Don't be Cruel released in 1956 over million in sales.

2. Hound Dog released in 1956 sold over 10 million in sales.

3. All Shook Up released in 1957

4. Let Me Be (your Teddy Bear) released in 1957

5. Jailhouse Rock released in 1957

6. Love Me Tender released in 1956 was ranked 1,  3 and 4 respectively.
7.Are You Lonesome Tonight released in 1960 over 5 million in sales ranked 1, no country 4 respectively

8. The Wonder of You released in 1970 only made it to Number 9 on the Pop Charts which shocks me, it is one of my favorites.

9. Can't Help Falling in Love With You released in 1961 made it to #2 on the Pop Charts

10. If I Can Dream (my very favorite, it just gives me chills)
here is a link to a good example of Elvis singing it on YouTube
with retakes (all incredible).

Happy Birthday to the King!

For entertainment purposes only I recorded a videoclip of myself 
singing along with Elvis on YouTube.

 you can view it a if interested.

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