Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Top 10 Power De-Clutter Mix

The week of January 25 Moving forward from deflate to delete is International Clear Out Your In Box Week and believe it or not Clean Out Your In Box has a Facebook page. They do offer tips if you are interested. 

I try to clear out my obstacles each year and I like to start with inspiration and music. I offer ideas of  a little mood music.

1. Believe  (lyrics; I don't need you anymore) Cher

2. Hit the Road Jack (applies to electronics) Ray Charles

3. I Can't Make You Love Me Bonnie Rait (works with fashions). It never looked quite right on you.
Caution this song does not work with relationships, it is a heartbreaker.

4. Irreplaceable (To the left To The left) Beyonce (applies comfy sweat pants, once the elastic gives out, you should give em up). Everything and everyone is replaceable, sometimes we forget that and should be grateful for what we have.

5. You Lost That Loving Feeling The Righteous Brothers (applies to snug clothes)

6. I Need You America ( This song is counter intuitive for this project, I don't recommend BUT it is a great song.)

7. Can't Live If Living Is Without You (some things you just have to keep) (Yes you can, just try it). This can certainly apply to electronics if only for a day or even an hour. Harry Nilsson

8. Free Free Set Them Free If You Love Somebody Set Them Free Sting

9. Learning How to Live.... Without You in My Life Lucinda Williams

10. Many Too Many Genesis

Clear out the clutter make room for the future.

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