Thursday, December 4, 2014

Top 10 Topics last Thursday on Thanksgiving 2014

For the record books and posterity 
(on Facebook, they call it TBT throw back Thursday)

1. Food the good, the bad, the gassy.

2. Football Eagles defeated Dallas (depending on where you live, the good). Friends in town from Dallas, the mom was born here, she remains a loyal Eagles fan, unpopular in her home state, huge fan base here

3. Facebook ( I saw it on Facebook.) ( I stayed away from Facebook and the arguments.) Which side of the fence are you on?

4. Family (those that were unable to be there, you always talk about them)

5. Facetime (an Apple product that enabled out family to include our daughter who is out of town to join us for dinner.) It is similar to Skype but you have to have Apple equipment, an IPhone, IPad o MAC.

6. Farm (the contents of the generational farm being sold at auction to pay for long term assisted living)

7. Flyers (a poster gift of Eric Lindros, inducted into the Flyers Hall of Fame) (Family Flyers Fans for like Forever)

8. Felines, the grand cats the will be remaining for an extended stay due to no pets allowed at our daughters new apartment. If you happen to receive a holiday greeting card from the Furberts, you will understand.

9. Fat Albert and how fast a reputation (whether it is true or not) can be destroyed. This is the new social or anti-social world we live in. It takes gossip to a whole other level.

10. Ferguson every body has an opinion but how many have all the facts? We should all give thanks that it is not our family member we are talking about.

Who, what and where did you discuss and why did you?

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