Monday, December 15, 2014

Top 10 Days Till Christmas

On the 10th Day till Christmas, I have to make a list of ten. I must make a better effort to edit and check it twice with red pen. I just hit send, Oh No!

On the 9th Day till Christmas,  I have so many places to go, I hope the weather is with me and it doesn't snow.

On the 8th Day till Christmas, I have to shop at Acme, 1 more green stamp to go.  The 8" Open Non Stick Skillet is mine and I will throw in mistletoe.

On the 7th Day till Christmas, I have to pace myself and go slow, I have one more week to go.

On the 6th Day till Christmas, I am going to sit down by the fire's glow and watch a heart warming Christmas show.

On the Fifth Day till Christmas, I go into decision mode. Do I want to fight the crowds on the road? The answer is no, that doesn't make me want to chant ho, ho, ho.

On the Fourth Day till Christmas I must bake cookies to go and hide them from the elves but mostly from me self. I will wrap tight and label for Uncle Joe.

On the Third Day till Christmas I must plan the big meal and bake. Turkey is for Thanksgiving, Fishes for the Italians. What will this Irish gal make? I still don't know for heaven's sake.

On the Second Day till Christmas, I have to watch my weight but once I weigh in at weight watchers, bring on the cookies, it is time to celebrate!

On the Night Before Christmas, I get down on my two knees and pray.  I pray for peace even though it sounds cliche and I pray for all those who will have tears on Christmas Day.

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