Monday, December 22, 2014

Top 10 Christmas Views of Italy

Christmas decorations in Italy 2014 with photographs attached to courtesy of Lauren Fiebert.

Garland frames the store front display of presents of jewelry and wrist watch ideas for the holiday.


Who would not want to own a hand blown piece of Venetian glass? The problema is which one to choose.


Balconies are draped in white lights a classic style.

It is hard to determine what is the more magnificent detail in this photograph. Would it be the massive architecture, the rounded arches of the store fronts, or the glow of the streets of Venice? One thing can be said, it is so Italian and part of what makes Italy so very special.

A piazza in Venice is decorated with a tall Christmas tree.

 In Murano, Santa (Babbo Natale) arrives by gondola, but of course.

 Christmastime beverage of choice, "vino".

 No chimney, nessun problema, Santa can climb the rope ladder. Many Santas bring
molti regali.

 In any season the Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal in Venice glows with amore.

Stores are tucked into spaces inside the bridge.  They are closed for the evening.

The lights draped across the cozy streets appear to be stars in the sky.

Not to be out shined, the Hotel Satunia is decorated with vertical white lights to highlight la belezza of the buildings in Venice.

Ciao, ciao.

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  1. Very,very nice! Christmas in Italia! Thanks to Lauren Fiebert for the beautiful pictures and to you for sharing them.