Friday, November 7, 2014

Top 10 Things To Look For When Buying A New or New Used Car

Price matters dramatically, go in with a price range (we all have budgets).

Car style ( have a basic idea) Maybe you have a favorite manufacturer.

Fuel Efficiency

New or used (sometimes you can save big time here and get a deal) lease or own is another consideration.

Color (I had a range but color was important to me, you have to consider will it look dirty quicker with that color?) I really don't care for some of the colors out today.

Mileage (mileage matters especially with a warranty but consider how much you drive).

Dealer reputation and the way they treat customers.

Dealer location for future repairs (hopefully there are not too many trips back but just in case, keep it close to home). You can take your car to any manufacturer for recalls but "some" dealers treat "regular" customers quicker and with more respect as was my unpleasant experience with a dealer near me.

Salesman attitude, pressure never works for me.

Can you picture yourself driving this car for the next say maybe five years? Stage in life can matter.

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