Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Top 10 Regrets Keeper or Giveaway

These are a few of my regrets and not the results of any kind of poll. We all have regrets.

1. The ugliest sweater I have ever owned was given to me by my best friend. It was an extra large and twice as big as me with yellow and purple stripes.  It fit me when I was nine months pregnant. I wanted to cozy up in that sweater the day I heard he was killed by a drunk driver. I should have kept it. I have a picture of me in it though as big as a house.  This will not be shared. I would regret that! He must have been psychic.

2. Christmas ornaments given to me by old boyfriends. I still have them all. It helps me to remember those tragic years with amusement. They are all dated. The boyfriends, keepers, not so much but the memento it decorates my tree.

3. I will never get over selling my ticket stub to the best concert I ever went to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young at Atlantic City Raceway. Santana was also on the bill. It poured rain and thundered, lightning graced the skies. It is the closest I ever got to what Woodstock may have felt like for a mere two hours. It was messy but it was awesome. I sold the stub for $5 that ticket was a priceless memory to me. It shows a big void in my scarp book. Sigh, a regret.

4. My baseball cards, I didn't get rid of them but my mother did. I had a huge box of them and had them in the attic for years. I had Carl Yastrzemski and Roberto Clemente,just to name a few of the really good ones. I still cringe at the thought they were just tossed in the trash! At least all the Barbie dolls were given to a neighbor. Ugh. Someday I will have to get over that loss. Perhaps it cuts so deeply is because it was not my decision.
5. I have just about every letter and card ever sent to me from old friends in my late teens and early twenties. Whenever I come across them, I can get lost in the past for hours. They are fond memories of naive thoughts of very young minds but what I like about them is the hope of things to come. I think we all dreamed big when we were young that is a good thing.

6. I rarely save any email correspondence but I don't worry so much if it is anything good the government has a copy. Working with historical artifacts, I do see the value in written correspondence. It is a pity much of that goes to the shredder and delete button.

7. I have far too many jackets and coats but I have a very difficult time parting with them. I go through the same ritual every season. The jackets go to the attic and all the potential winter coats come down to the first floor closet. I know these coats could warm someone else but I rationalize all the time with why I should keep these coats. I am embarrassed to say how many I have. Some I inherited from my mother and they are sentimental to me. I never regret finding a dollar or two in pocket. So far this year I have eight bucks I never knew I had.

8. I was not one of those crazy people that ran people over on Black Friday to get the newly released Cabbage Patch dolls but "my mother" did secure one a few years later that I have kept along with the dolls adoption papers. I am expecting to pay for my daughters wedding with that one. Maybe not. I should have saved the Furbies, Tamagotchi and TY Beanie babies they were hot property and we had a big tub of them. Had to have them. Those Furbies freaked me out. They were eventually moved to the shed and I swear even without batteries, if you opened the door their eyes would flash open and they would come alive spouting some gibberish and the Tamagotchi, those were 24/7. I couldn't wait to get rid of those. Ugh High Maintenance and it wasn't even mine!!

9. I did go through a period when I collected the valuable Bradford Exchange Plates. They were to last a lifetime. I displayed the Fairy Tale collection in the nursery. They lasted a few years then to the attic they went. It was sports motif and dinosaurs for my son and my daughter was everything pink including toy box and Barbie's condo and corvette. My daughter hates pink now I think we overdid.

10. Pictures, photographs and scrapbooks, I keep them all. Some of my photographs are in albums but many are in boxes but sorted.  I started the sorting project last winter. Since the digital age I hardly ever print a picture anymore.  They are all saved on an external hard drive, a good idea for anyone who stores pictures on their pc or mac.  If your hard drive crashes those pictures are gone. Your most valued pictures I would handle the old fashion way, print them but I have been eying those books you can make.  I have seen offers on Groupon. I am not a fan nor do I understand it but I suppose anything I post on Facebook (and this is rare) along with photos on my blog are out there in the cloud. Old family videos and slides are another issue.  You can't throw them out but the mechanisms to view them are becoming obsolete.  What do you keep?

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