Thursday, November 6, 2014

Top 10 Reasons To Buy That Dream Car

My dream came by way of accident. My oldest child, a new driver had an accident while driving my Honda Accord. Luckily no one was injured but there was significant body damage done to the car and it was in the body shop for about two weeks.

Insurance paid for a rental and I spied a convertible on the lot and the woman who was showing me the cars said, "Oh, you don't want that one", and I said, "Yes I do." It was a bold move on my part. I never drove such a sporty car. It was a midnight blue Sebring convertible and I loved it. It was September and the weather was very suitable for a convertible. The moment I learned how to put the top down it was driven in that state until I had to return it.

Once I got my Honda back I noticed that I had been spoiled driving a convertible. I started searching on the Internet and within a week I found one at a local dealer and it was midnight blue, my new favorite color. My husband was away that weekend and I went and negotiated a deal all on my own.

I did get quite a few more weeks out of the top down state of mind. If anyone currently or has ever owned a convertible you understand that top down state of mind. You can't have a bad day if you can put the top down. It seems your cares go floating away once you push that button. There is so much more air to breathe. My rule was anything above 60 degrees and the top went down and I maintained that status quo for quite a few years to follow.

I could not wait to share my new wheels with my co-workers, all men in my specific department. It was not a Mustang so I am not sure just how impressed they were but I do remember my boss saying, "A convertible, are you out of your mind"? Admittedly so, it was a mid-life decision but I might add one of the best I have ever made. Within the next 6 months or so that boss of mine purchased a Miata convertible. I saw him last week and he still has it.

I also remember talking on the phone with one of my vendors the first week and mentioning I got a new car, a convertible and I am sure the thrill came through over the phone in my voice. "Really", a Sebring?" he said. "A buddy of mine just told me about a niece of his that was in a bad accident on the highway with one of those cars". "Is there a roll bar?" I never even thought about a roll bar. No there was no roll bar only canvas when the top was up. I did gulp when he told me that story but I could not let it deter me from my new love affair with this car. I can tell you, I was very mindful of this story whenever I drove on the open highway in this vehicle top up or top down. We had a good ride no accidents. I even let the teenagers borrow it from time to time. I did however bless myself and say a prayer whenever they walked out the door with keys in hand.

It was not all smooth sailing for me and Midnight Blue. It took a few months and it may have been as early as spring and all those April showers when I discovered my dream came with an added feature, an indoor swimming pool. It wasn't exactly knee deep but enough to cause distressed. I had it back to the shop over 14 times in that first year to try and solve the leak issue. Finally the dealer replaced it with an older model Sebring but this one was an upgraded LX with a few more bells and whistles. We made an even exchange.

My next Sebring was silver and I called her Sport. Midnight Blue was quite elegant but Silver Sport, she was classy and she had a paint job that just made her sparkle even in the evening.

Sport was very popular in the neighborhood.  I was getting people waving and acknowledging her all the time. Later I was to realize my daughter was the one who made her famous.  It was mostly young kids waving and when they realized it was me the hand quickly descended and maybe it was the fact that my daughter was in the car with me on several occasions that we got a few extra looks at the traffic lights.  Once momma was visible in the car once again, not so popular, but convertibles make you do crazy things.  It's the freedom that causes you to take a few liberties, maybe.  Once I was at a stop light with top down and a gentleman probably twenty years my junior glanced over and it was just perfect, "Born to Be Wild" was on the radio and I blasted it and drove on.  I don't think I ever shared that moment before, only Sport and I knew about that. It was pure fun and just a tad crazy.

Without a doubt there are special things you can experience if you own or have driven a convertible that many other people have never experienced. I remember taking a woman who was scared to death to drive in the snow for a ride, just around the block and through the parking lot at work with the top down and big flakes coming at us.  I would not recommend it, there was very little traffic, this was very early in the morning, it was still dark, but it is fun. Another time, I was sitting at a light just taking in all the beautiful fall colors, the trees are right there with you and so are the birds.  One particular bird sent me a message.  It was a little gross but I was able to recall that saying, "If a bird craps on you and you don't get mad it is good luck."  I scrubbed my hair extra well that evening.  "Has your car ever been asked to appear at a high school football game homecoming""  Sport did not carry the King and Queen but I was honored to drive around the track with members of the court in tow. You can also get a head start on your tan before you even reach the beach with the top down.

Last week I took Sport to that do it yourself car wash in Aston.  You can do anything there with a pocket full of quarters.  I started with the vacuum and then it was the works.  Sports looked like a million bucks. I recommend you treat your own car to a day at the spa.

Sport and I parted ways this past Monday and I purchased a new used Honda CR-V.  Sport is 10 years old and I have owned her for a little over six. She fetch a fair trade in value and I think shining her up helped. I almost wanted to keep her, she is a beautiful and classy car. After signing the papers, I walked out and my license plate had been removed from Sport and was already on the new car. I became an emotional wreck and cried the whole way home.  I felt ridiculous but it just struck me as so sad to leave her there.  I felt I had abandoned her.  If I had a garage or a big enough driveway I would have kept her.  I can understand why people do that now, cars up on skids, some parked on the lawn. I hope Sport continues on and makes many happy memories for the next owner. I will really miss her. She was family and she lived up to her reputation with me. She was a dream come true.

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